Književnica kapetana Marvela 2 proiranska je, anti-Trump i feministička potpora Anite Sarkeesian [Ažuriranje]

Kapetan Marvel 2

[Update:] Prema TheQuartering, he believes that the Sausage Roll article may be fake news. It’s not verified if it’s entirely true or not, but it’s one of those things where it’s best to exercise caution. Right now there’s no definitive proof that the story is fake (unless Marvel or DeConnick come out and say it’s fake) and there’s no definitive proof that it’s true (until additional sources verify the claim). So in today’s fake news-operated atmosphere, take it with a grain of salt.

[Izvorni članak:] Tamo su Centri još uvijek do danas spremni braniti se Kapetan Marvel, claiming that the movie isn’t that bad and that Brie Larson is a “queen” that “slays”, whatever that millennial jargon means. However, for normal people who have a modicum of common sense when it comes to media entertainment, they will rightfully tell you that Kapetan Marvel sucked dangling donkey balls. Well, it’s about to get worse, because the writer for Kapetan Marvel 2 ponosna je feministkinja, proiranska, anti-Trump i podržavala je Anitu Sarkeesian dok je bila protiv pobunjavanja potrošača poput #GamerGate i #ComicsGate. Nastaviti čitanje “Captain Marvel 2’s Writer Is Pro-Iranian, Anti-Trump, And Feminist Supporter Of Anita Sarkeesian [Update]”