Netflix poništava probudjenu verziju osuđivača, Jessicu Jones

Punjač Netflix

A lot of people were looking forward to Netflix’s rendition of Punisher after Frank Castle’s nascent appearance on another popular Netflix show that was cancelled, Hazarder. Actor Jon Bernthal put in his heart and soul into the role becoming what many thought was a very primal, on-the-edge rendition of Castle that was ready and willing to dish out punishment at a moment’s notice. However, when Castle was finally given his own show, it wasn’t quite as how he was written in Hazarder, a nakon dvije sezone - od kojih je druga "probudila" - Netflix povlači čep. Nastaviti čitanje “Netflix Cancels Woke Version Of The Punisher, Jessica Jones”

Jessica Jones Sezona 2 prikolica teases kilgrave i interracial lezbijke

jessica Jones

Netflix couldn’t resist the urge to tease the only good part about the first season of jessica Jones, David Tennat’s Kilgrave. The last part of the trailer for the second season of the Marvel and Netflix marriage heavily hints at the Purple Man making a return to form in the upcoming season. Nastaviti čitanje “Jessica Jones Season 2 Trailer Teases Kilgrave And Interracial Lesbians”