Vectromirror 0 Besplatni demo dostupan za preuzimanje

Vektromirror 0

Burnout Game Ventures, Major Games i Vectromirror Initiative objavili su besplatni demo za Tron-inspirirani 3D platformer, Vektromirror 0 uoči izlaska cijele igre, Vektromirror.

Demo je trenutno dostupan za preuzimanje na Parna stranica trgovine.

The game is themed around completing a number of test courses built around stimulating an artificial intelligence and gathering data from said AI. You’ll be able to manipulate the environment around you to create new pathways or open up blockades, as well as defy physics by running on the walls and leaping great distances.

Možete pogledati napolje prikolicu za igranje da biste dobili predodžbu o tome kakva je mehanika i vizual.

To je kao Tron zadovoljava Qube zadovoljava Mirror's Edge.

A lot of the appeal will be based on how smooth the gameplay is and how fluid you’ll be able to string together combos using parkour.

Based on the trailer it looks like the major gimmick for the game is disrupting the cubes to create platform patterns so you can traverse through the levels seamlessly. Hopefully there’s more to the full version of Vektromirror kako bi interes ostao netaknut i angažman visok. Na stranici proizvoda spominju da imate mogućnost potiskivanja predmeta daleko od sebe ili da ih privučete bliže vama, tako da možda to igra mnogo veću ulogu u nekim mehanizmima rješavanja puzzle-slagalica tijekom igre.

Of course, if these sort of techno-infused, neon-colored, first-person parkour titles is something that tickles your fancy, you don’t lose anything by checking out the free demo.

They don’t mention when the full version of the game will release, but I’m sure they’ll be taking in plenty of feedback from the demo and gauging what the general response will be from the community after they play it.

For more info or to keep track of the developer’s projects, you can visit the Parna stranica trgovine.

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