Viacom Sljedeći VR Studio isključuje se kao dio mjera za smanjenje troškova

Viacom Dalje

VR isn’t really the next big thing. A lot of media outlets will tell you that it is, but there’s never been and likely won’t be for quite some time, a VR blockbuster hit. Any VR title that manages to move over 100,000 units is looked at as a success these days, mostly due to the low install base, slow adoption rates, and poor overall sales for most VR software. It’s a high-end enthusiast niche, and it’s likely going to stay that way for quite some time. Viacom’s financial department finally seems to have realized that there’s no profits in VR at the moment, and as part of a cost-cutting measure they decided to pull the plug on their Viacom Next studio, which focused on experimental AR and VR software. Nastaviti čitanje “Viacom Next VR Studio Shuts Down As Part Of Cost-Cutting Measures”