Venezuelanska igrač upozorava Amerikance o opasnostima zabrane igara

Zabluda 2 Igra Ban

Venezuelanski igrač poslao je e-mail razvojnom programeru igre Troy Leavitt from Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment. Leavitt has a YouTube channel that he uses to inform and edutain the gaming community (both core and casuals alike) about the ongoing culture war affecting the industry at large. The letter is read aloud by Leavitt, where he goes through the examples of how banning games back in 2009 didn’t help lower the crime-rate in Venezuela at all, and the country is still steeped in seemingly irrecoverable acts of violence. Nastaviti čitanje “Venezuelan Gamer Warns Americans About Dangers Of Banning Games”

Fox News pogrešno prikazuje venezuelanske prosvjede usred povećanja napetosti

Prosvjed u Venezueli - Carlos Becerra Amnesty International

Fox News recently published an article detailing the protests taking place in Venezuela at the moment. The article is titled “Venezuelan protests propelled mostly by dropout students who can’t afford college”. It went live on Svibanj 22nd 2017. Nastaviti čitanje “Fox News Misrepresents Venezuelan Protests Amid Increasing Tensions”