Pro Basketball Manager 2019 dodaje ženske timove, obnovljene arene, poboljšani 3D motor

Pro Basketball Manager 2019

Football (soccer in the U.S.,) has manager sims pumped out regularly. Gamers love them some pitch battles. However, we don’t really get many other sports games within the sports simulator genre. However, Umix Studio has been working at a basketball sim each year, and they seem to be getting better at it with each annual release. Nastaviti čitanje “Pro Basketball Manager 2019 Adds Female Teams, Revamped Arenas, Improved 3D Engine”

Pro Basketball Manager 2017 sada su dostupni na pare za 19.99 $

Pro Basketball Manager 2017

Umix Studios i Cyanide objavljeni Pro Basketball Manager 2017 na Steam nedavno. PC sportski simulator ima niz novih ažuriranja koja slijede na Pro Basketball Manager 2016 objaviti. Nastaviti čitanje “Pro Basketball Manager 2017 Now Available On Steam For $19.99”