Vlak do Busana 2: Prikolica poluotoka povećava akciju, zombije i pustošenje

Vlak do Busana 2

Vlak za Busan was a pretty cool survival-horror flick. It was about a father who didn’t have time for his daughter attempting to reconnect with her during a zombie outbreak. It might sound cheesy but it was actually a pretty cool film that didn’t pull any punches and certainly managed to find itself among the hall of fame of zombie films. Quite naturally the studios decided to cash in on its popularity and focus on a sequel titled Poluotok, koji je postavljen u Vlak za Busan svemira, a odvija se četiri godine nakon događaja izvornog filma. Nastaviti čitanje “Train To Busan 2: Peninsula Trailer Ramps Up The Action, Zombies, And Devastation”