Top Gun: Maverick-ov trailer hvata nostalgične bilješke usprkos kowtowingu u Kini

Vrhunski pištolj Maverick

Paramount Pictures objavio je najnoviji trailer za Top Gun: Maverick featuring everyone’s not-so-favorite Scientologist, Tom Cruise. Much like the original trailer that aired before, the film doesn’t try to be more than what it is, or reinvent the wheel. Instead it openly embraces the fact that it’s 30 years late to the party. Nastaviti čitanje “Top Gun: Maverick Trailer Hits Nostalgic Notes Despite Kowtowing To China”

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Top Gun 2 Teaser Trailer je savršeno koračao sa svim vrstama srčanih nostalgija

Top Gun 2

I’ve never been a huge Tom Cruise fan, and it’s not like his films are must-see theater releases for me, but I’ve always loved the original Top Gun. From the music, to the cinematography, to action sequences, to the story, it’s one of the best pieces of dramatic action cinema out there. Amazingly, Paramount seems to completely understand what fans of the original enjoyed about it and decided to lace the teaser trailer for Top Gun 2 samo s bifeom nostalgije. Nastaviti čitanje “Top Gun 2 Teaser Trailer Is Perfectly Paced With All Kinds Of Heart-Pumping Nostalgia”

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