Sonic Mania Plus pregled: mnogo dobrodošlice Mix-Up to je zabavno

Pitam se jesam li Sonic Mania’s DLC titled “Plus” is worth diving into? If you own the base game, expect to pay $4.99, and if you don’t own the game at all and want the physical version, it will run you $29.99. Hopefully, this review will help you make an informed decision if a new take on familiar zones, an all-new Encore Mode, two new characters with their own unique abilities, and an expanded Competition Mode allowing up to four players is worth it. Nastaviti čitanje “Sonic Mania Plus Review: A Much Welcomed Mix-Up That’s Fun”

Sonic Mania Plus pogodio PC, PS4, Xbox One i uključenje srpnja 17th

Sonic Mania Plus

Sega, Headcannon i PagodaWest Games će objaviti Sonic Mania Plus na zapadu preko PC, PS4, Xbox One, a Switch 17. srpnja 2018. Igra će se prikazivati ​​29.99 USD i sadrži mnoštvo sadržaja; poput dva nova lika koja se mogu igrati. Nastaviti čitanje “Sonic Mania Plus To Hit PC, PS4, Xbox One, And Switch On July 17th”

Sonic Mania Plus donosi nove likove koji se mogu igrati, tjelesno izdanje ovog ljeta

Sega, PagodaWest Games i Headcannon nisu zaboravili na Sonic Mania. Zapravo, samo su nedavno objavili da će Sonic Mania Plus izlaziti ove godine. Novo izdanje igre bit će objavljeno PC, PS4, Xbox Jedan, a Switch kao fizičko izdanje negdje ovog ljeta. Nastaviti čitanje “Sonic Mania Plus Brings New Playable Characters, Physical Release This Summer”