SexualDarkness Igre Dobili uklonjeni iz parne, Dev kaže neke igre će se vratiti uskoro


[Update:] Korisnik Mellow_Online1 nas je obavijestio da je Steam Tracker has indicated that SexualDarkness may have attempted to delist some of the games, but Valve banned them instead. Why they were banned? It’s unclear, but one of the games is still listed as unreleased while the others are listed as delisted and banned.

[Izvorni članak:] I’m not entirely sure what’s going on with the games on Steam provided by SexualDarkness, but all of them have been removed from the Steam store. Most people assumed it was due to copyright infringement, as Miki3Dx from has been filing DMCA notices about infringing material. However, according to SexualDarkness, some of the games are down due to personal reasons. Nastaviti čitanje “SexualDarkness Games Get Removed From Steam, Dev Says Some Games Will Be Back Soon”

DGirls Lovers, Dr. Tanya’s Experiment, Boarding College Removed From Steam

Zabranjen ljubavnik DGirls

SexualDarkness je imao niz igara zabranjenih / uklonjenih iz Steama. To je uključeno DGirls Lovers, Dr. Tanya’s Experiment i Koledž 1 i 2. Nastaviti čitanje “DGirls Lovers, Dr. Tanya’s Experiment, Boarding College Removed From Steam”

SexualDarkness oživljava igre odraslih na paru koja je izgubljena tijekom holokausta Waifua


SexualDarkness objavio je nekoliko igara za odrasle, uključujući i razne naslove koji su krenuli na Steam natrag prije nego što su filtri bili na mjestu. Kad je Valve prolazio i uklonio gomilu seksi i erotičnih igara, kao skupina pro-cenzure, Nacionalni centar za iskorištavanje, dolazio je na njih kako bi dopustio House Party na paru, there were a handful of titles from developer RyuVsCL0UD that got caught in Valve’s war on anime. Nastaviti čitanje “SexualDarkness Revives Adult Games On Steam That Were Lost During The Waifu Holocaust”