Kingsman: Zlatni krug puni trailer dobiva pravo i ne pokvari previše

20th Century Fox recently unveiled the latest trailer for the action-comedy spy-thriller, Kingsman: The Golden Circle. The full trailer recalls the events of the original movie, and paints a picture of what's next for the British spy service. The trailer spends its first half setting up the plot, which seems to revolve around the original Kingsman base being completely destroyed. Mark Strong makes a return along with Taron Egerton as Eggsy. After the somber beginnings, the trailer kicks it into high gear and then we get to see some of the stuff that made the original a standout action flick back in 2014. You can check out the full trailer below. So according to the trailer, Elton John is in the flick, and somehow, someway, Colin Firth has returned. Now for those of you who have seen the first movie, you're probably going “WTF?” because **spoiler alert** Colin Firth's Harry Hart died after an epic massacre that took place inside of a church. Hart has his brains blown out by Samuel L. Jackson's Valentine. Both Mark Hunt and Taron Egerton's characters look surprised to see the main character from the first movie make a return after getting his brains blown out a third of the way through the film. I have no idea how they're going to explain this way, but I'm curious to see how they'll try. Commenters began making Metal Gear Solid guesstimates, assuming that maybe the bullet only hit him in the eye, or that maybe the Harry Hart who died in the first film was actually a clone, or that maybe the one shaving in the picture above is a clone, or that maybe he's really alive but he suffered brain damage. There's a myriad of possibilities, so we'll see how well the writers can exercise their creative juices to at least make sense within the universe of the Kingsman. Anyway, Kingsman: The Golden Circle is set to land in theaters starting September 22nd. I'm, interested to see how the cowboys versus the British spies fight scenes turn out. The first movie spared no expense in giving us some very entertaining action sequences that were both surprising and thrilling, so I'm game.

20th Century Fox nedavno je predstavio najnoviju prikolicu za akcijsku komediju špijunskog trilera, Kingsman: Zlatni krug. The full trailer recalls the events of the original movie, and paints a picture of what’s next for the British spy service. Nastaviti čitanje “Kingsman: The Golden Circle Full Trailer Gets It Right And Doesn’t Spoil Too Much”