Crtač stripova Christopher Sebala pokušava prodati značke Dredd, dobio je otkaz od 2000 AD

Judge Dredd

“Rules for thee, not for me” is the way the typical entitled postmodernist thinks. They create this massive, interweaving web of contradictory principles and rules for people to follow all while ignoring the rules and doing their own thing whenever they feel like it. A good example of this philosophy in action is when comic book writer Christopher Sebala — who has pronouns in his Twitter profile — recently attempted to sell modified badges based on 2000 AD’s Judge Dredd series. He was called out for copyright infringement by the parent company, and then the typical outrage brigade came to Sebela’s defense for selling copyrighted material for money. Nastaviti čitanje “Comic Writer Christopher Sebala Tries To Sell Judge Dredd Badges, Gets Called Out By 2000 AD”

Sudac Dredd 95 oživio na paru za $ 7.99

Sudac Dredd (1995)

Probe Software, Rebellion i Throwback Entertainment surađivali su zajedno kako bi oživjeli Judge Dredd, 1995 video igra koja je izvorno objavila Acclaim Entertainment za 16-bitne konzole i prijenosne uređaje. Igra je trenutno dostupna preko Parna trgovine za $ 7.99. Tijekom prvog tjedna prodaje, možete iskoristiti igru ​​za 15% za samo $ 6.79. Nastaviti čitanje “Judge Dredd 95 Revived On Steam For $7.99”