Najavljen povratak za PS5 i Naravno da je glavni junak žena


Playing as a straight, white male has become a rarity in today’s AAA industry. Gamers these days have to look out for them in trailers and promotional convention videos like Steve Irwin used to hunt for rare and dangerous animals in the outback. It’s become an excursion for what’s essentially now an endangered species, where gamers may as well strap a GoPro to their head and wade through the thicket of YouTube videos while providing commentary for their great trek, “Oi, mate… looks like we spotted a straight white male down by the lake of toxic masculinity! Looks like he’s cooking a rare treat known as red meat. Oh, he’s a beaut. Look at that: fair skin, rippling muscles, plenty of testosterone. None of that soy crap found back in the States. He’s the last of his kind, so we’re gonna approach ’em real slow!” Nastaviti čitanje “Returnal Announced For PS5 And Of Course The Main Protagonist Is A Woman”

Arkadne igre za novu bitku Royale Game Stormdivers


Finski igra razvojeri Housemarque, najpoznatiji po Resogun i Dead Nation, najavio je da se u radovima naziva nova igra Battle Royale treće osobe Stormdivers, Predstojeći znanstveni naslov bit će objavljen PC u 2019. Nastaviti čitanje “Housemarque Abandons Arcade Games For New Battle Royale Game Stormdivers”

Nex Machina Trailer sadrži reprodukciju glazbe i co-op Bullet-Hell

Nex Machina Trailer

Housemarque je nedavno objavio novu prikolicu za njihovu igru Nex Machina, ubojica poput cyberpunk-a PC i PS4. The game hasn’t received a whole lot of love from the media, something that the programeri su bili razočarani, ali izgleda kao prilično rad igra i zvučni zapis izgleda kao da bi moglo biti nešto što vas vodi do synthwave nirvane. Nastaviti čitanje “Nex Machina Trailer Contains Retrowave Music And Co-op Bullet-Hell Gameplay”

Nex Machina Dev navodi na nedostatak pokrivanja od politički pristranih medija za igre

Nex Machina

Last generation — before Anita Sarkeesian, Jonathan McIntosh, and other pseudo-academics attempted to co-op the gaming industry by turning the landscape into a toxic landfill of politically charged divisiveness — a lot of big gaming websites were focused on actually informing gamers about games. That’s become a rarity these days and developers are taking notice. Nastaviti čitanje “Nex Machina Dev Laments Lack Of Coverage From Politically Biased Gaming Media”

Nex Machina, Cyberpunk fizika-based pucačina najavljen za PC

Nex machina

HouseMarque i hit TV kreator Eugene Jarvis udružio se zajedno kako bi stvorio distopijski, futuristički, ubojica igra cyborg pucanje zove Nex Machina. If the name alone doesn’t sound awesome enough to make your yellow underwear stained with a yellow substance, maybe the new announcement trailer will do it for you. Nastaviti čitanje “Nex Machina, Cyberpunk Physics-Based Shooter Announced For PC”