Hiveswap Act 1 gameplay Walkthrough

Kaspersky Gameplay Walkthrough

Koje igre bundeve nedavno su puštene Zakon o kršenju zakona 1 onto the Steam store. The point-and-click, hand-animated adventure game is available for only $7.99. The first act follows several different characters on an adventure that was designed to be a love-letter to the 1990s point-and-click genre that was dominated by Sierra Interactive and LucasArts. For gamers interested in the gameplay or need a bit of help progressing, there’s a complete prohod vodič dostupan. Nastaviti čitanje “Hiveswap Act 1 Gameplay Walkthrough”

Hiveswap: visoko predviđa Homestuck avantura dolaze u 2017

Tvorac dugo trčanje webcomic HomestuckAndrew Hussie, je teško na poslu stvaranja avantura video igra bazirana na popularnoj webcomic serije, pod nazivom Hiveswap.
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