Engadget brani CNN, čitače misinforms o #GamerGate

Engadget CNN GamerGate

Engadget’s Jessica Conditt penned a piece entitled “Here’s why CNN isn’t ‘doxing’ anyone”. It was published on Srpanj 7th, 2017. The piece attempts to defend CNN’s actions that they took against a Reddit user they thought created a meme that Donald Trump shared on his Twitter account. CNN tracked down the user and posed the threat of doxing him to coerce an apology out of him, and made mention that they could always change their mind if the Reddit user ever got out of line again. They later had to post an updated story to affirm that President Donald Trump’s press team denied that Trump retrieved the meme from Reddit, which means that the attempted ucjena je bila izrečena protiv pogrešne osobe. Nastaviti čitanje “Engadget Defends CNN, Misinforms Readers About #GamerGate”