99Vidas: Definitivno izdanje dostupno na Nintendo Switchu za $ 9.99


Brazilski igrački studio Qubyte Interactive objavio je da će konačni broj izdanja 99Vidas trenutačno je dostupan za Nintendo Switch right now. The multiplayer side-scrolling beat-’em-up is a throwback to classic hand-animated beat-’em-up games like Rijeka otkup i Streets of Rage. Nastaviti čitanje “99Vidas: Definitive Edition Now Available On Nintendo Switch For $9.99”

99Vidas, Co-op Beat-'em-Up Pokretanje Uskoro za PlayStation 4


99Vidas is currently discounted right now during the Steam Summer Sale, which ends tomorrow on July 5th, but if you haven’t already picked up a copy of the game on Steam, you might want to hold off since the beat-’em-up title from Qubyte Interactive is set to launch soon on the PlayStation 4. Nastaviti čitanje “99Vidas, Co-op Beat-’em-Up Launching Soon For PlayStation 4”

99Vidas: Pobijedite pregled igre

First, I was given a free review key to play this game and share my thoughts, so let’s get to it. QUByte Interactive is both the publisher and developer for 99Vidas, which is a retro arcade beat’em up game that is a throwback to some of the great classics. From the stage design to the music, you can see that classic games like Ulice bijesa i Završna borba were a huge inspiration for this game’s development.

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99Vidas, Retro Beat-'Em-Up stigao na paru Dec 22nd

QuByte Interactive announced that there’s a new character set to be part of the expansive roster of playable pugilists in their upcoming 99Vidas beat-e’m-up. The game is set to launch on Steam December 22nd, and the new gameplay trailer introduces gamers to a street fighter named Izzy. Nastaviti čitanje “99Vidas, Retro Beat-‘Em-Up Arrives On Steam Dec 22nd”