3lb igre Oculus Quest SDK omogućuje praćenje VR ruku bez kontrolera

Praćenje ruku bez igara od 3 lb

I know I rag on virtual reality software and hardware a lot, but that’s mainly because it sucks. No, really. It’s true… the hardware is crude, most of the headsets are tethered, and the software – other than the free-look and 3D space motion controls – are oftentimes lame and unintuitive. However, we’re starting to finally see some kind of fruition in the evolution of VR interactivity thanks to companies like 3lb Games, who have a new SDK asset currently in beta for the Oculus Quest that allows developers to implement controller-free hand tracking into their games or applications. Nastaviti čitanje “3lb Games Oculus Quest SDK Allows For Controller-Free VR Hand Tracking”