Activision i TreyArch pripremaju igrače za premetanje i prebacivanje s crnom operacijom: hladni rat

The way a low-life ghetto delinquent can smell a cop a mile away is similar to how I can smell SJWs in disguise in an attempt to bait-and-switch those that are against hand rubbing ghouls. If you don’t know by now, Activision has learned that using “conservative” or “right-wing” marketing for [current year] products work — just look at the buzz surrounding Call of Duty: Moderni ratovi promotional campaign. With that said, Activision and Treyarch are going to use the same Trojan Horse tactic, except this time they’re doing it with Call of Duty Black Ops: hladni rat.

Da bi osvježili svoje sjećanje na ove bajage nazvane Activision i Treyarch, isti su oni koji su promovirali Black Lives Matter do kraja. Iako se bivša tvrtka plasirala na Popis izdajnika Amerike, potonji je odvratno retweeting BLM stvari previše.

Let’s also not forget about the fact that Activision had Infinity Ward censor stuff like the “OK znak ruke” and references to Američka granična patrola čišćenje ilegalnih imigranata / meksičkih graničnika u Call of Duty due to those two things being “offensive.”

Oh, and let’s also not forget how they baited fans in and switched on them with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare by inviting “journalists” to special events so that they could whine and complain about how “opasna je igra,” to later feature agitprop at launch.

I još jedna stvar koju treba zapamtiti, to je ista tvrtka koja je izdala Call of Duty: WW2, koji je dodao u crna ženska NAZI i bilo koga tko je kritizirao ili htio Svastike in the game (even if you were black) were considered to be “racist.”

With all of that said, the new thing is to add in “conservative” or “right-wing” marketing to get people to say “red-pilled” or “based” so that big greedy [current year] companies can sell gamers and fans a woke product in the end.

I sljedeća najava nije drugačija u tome što će izazvati prodajna mjesta socijalne pravde, cause wayward people to cheer “red-pilled” so that they pre-order the game only to receive yet another agitprop product like Call of Duty: Modern Warfare koji prisiljava igrače da gledaju BLM poruke sa strane mikrotransakcija:

I na kraju, više informacija o Call of Duty Black Ops: hladni rat prikazat će se 26. kolovoza 2020. godine.

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