Surgeon Simulator 2 probudio se onoliko koliko očekujete i bit će to ekskluzivna Epic Store od 27. kolovoza

Simulator kirurga 2

Bossa Studios je na Popis izdajnika Amerike, tako da ne bi trebalo biti iznenađenje da su najave datuma objave Simulator kirurga 2 ispunjen je POCkerima i feministički odobrenim likovima dizajna. Oni su također otkrili da igra treba lansirati 27. kolovoza kao Epic Games Store tempiranu ekskluzivno, što je čini trostrukom prijetnjom koja bi trebala imati bilo koju zdravu osobu koja samo kaže "Ne!".

The release date was rolled out in a Creation Mode trailer, which outlines Bossa’s step away from simply playing a video game version of the popular board game Surgeon, and instead dabbling in what could only be described as a non-broken version of Garryjev Mod.

The trailer opens with a “diverse” cast of surgeons operating on a patient, but that doesn’t last long as they shift focus to creating, building, and destroying things in a variety of unconventional ways.

Način Stvaranja zaista je daleko od onoga što bi moglo učiniti kirurg Simulator trebalo bi biti. Kao što je gore spomenuto, imate puno kreativne moći na dohvat ruke, a ne za razliku Garryjev Mod… only you don’t have access to as many custom skins, nor do you have access to some of the cool custom weapons.

I don’t know exactly who this game is aiming to appeal to, but the quirky physics-based (mis)handling of body parts and surgical equipment seems to be taking a backseat in the sequel.

Worse yet is that the game is now going to be a timed Exclusive on the Epic Games Store. I just don’t see what the appeal is of making people hate your game, but Bossa Studios is definitely all-in on that endeavor. I’m almost shocked they didn’t have one of the characters come out and say “I’m gay!” just to rack up those extra intersectional mentally ill points.

U svakom slučaju, Simulator kirurga 2 treba do 27. kolovoza PC.