Uvodnik: Microsoft treba shvatiti pripovijest

There is a simple in concept but complex in implementation notion called “Controlling the Narrative”. Depending on the arena it is utilized in, it will have a somewhat different meaning. For instance, in media, it means to control or limit what is discussed. Limiting perspectives and talking points is an excellent means to accomplish this. Similarly, in politics, it means to control the direction of discourse. Wherein the general rule of thumb is you always shift away from where you are weak and into a realm where you are strong.

That’s all well and good, but where this concept matters for us in gaming is in the marketing sense; where it refers to controlling the perception of your products and image of your company. There are countless different ideas on how one should go about this, but what is essential is for a company not to let negative impressions run wild and causing potential sales loss.

Bethesda infamously failed to control the narrative leading up to Fallout 76. Creating many differing ideas as to what the game would ultimately be and concluding with it pleasing nobody, along with being a general abomination before Atom. Recently, 343 demonstrated great control of the narrative when they immediately squashed a rumor claiming Halo Infinite would ship without its multiplayer component.

Now another rumor has cropped up claiming the remake of basna is an MMO. Some with connections have claimed this is untrue, but at present, there is no official statement detailing how the multiplayer components will function.


Presumably, it will merely be a cooperative mode similar to previous games in the series. Likely with the expansion of the player count from two to four. Yet others are claiming it will copy Sudbina i Forza Horizon 4 and have hub sections that players can join together and head out on adventures from.

As there are no official details, both guesses are equally valid. Highlighting why Microsoft needs to grasp the narrative and start detailing what features their new games will have and when we’ll see them. Until they do so, fanboys from the opposite camp will be free to continue creating spurious and damaging rumors. Speculation will continue to run rampant, and Atom help everyone when the trolls realize they can stoke the flames of another console war.