Atelier Ryza 2 kreće ove zime

Atelje Ryza 2

Tradicionalno, svaki novi ulazak u seriju Atelier sadržavao je potpuno novog protagonista. Vratili su se likovi, čak i protagonisti, ali obično kao sporedni likovi ili suputnici. Izuzev Iris, ovo je bio standard serije sve do Ryzinog velikog povratka ove zime Atelje Ryza 2.

Set 3 years after the previous game, Ryza travels to the capital city of Ashra-am Baird after a friend sends a letter with a “mysterious request” inside. Her journey will involve uncovering the mysteries of the Lost Legends and the ruins that surround the capital. Likely tied to the Klint Kingdom that dominated the region. Players are likely to uncover more dastardly abuses of alchemy by the Kingdom’s former ruler. If hints from the previous game are anything to go by and with the radionica serija, to je obično slučaj.

Koei Tecmo has unveiled Klaudia will return with a substantial upgrade to her plot, as the first to join Ryza’s quest. Craving another thrilling adventure, it is likely Klaudia that sent the letter calling Ryza to the capital.

Also joining the cast will be a mysterious creature named Fi. If you haven’t noticed, Koei Tecmo loves to use “mysterious” in the descriptions, but uncovering the significance of characters, along with their personalities and history has been a significant part of previous games. This was especially true with Vječna tama i tajna skrovišta.

Showcasing several improvements in the upcoming series -including refinement to the alchemy system and increased variety in traversal means – the trailer also highlights some of the much touted swimming mechanics.

Koei Tecmo has remained very adamant about drawing attention to the new swimming mechanics, not just in press statements, but also in the product’s description and initial reveal trailer. Indeed, this will have many far-reaching impacts on the game’s narrative; what is more interesting is the unveiling of beast riding.

S plivanjem znate što možete očekivati. Zaronite pod vodu, pažljivo nadgledajte kisik i postepeno poboljšavajte svoju sposobnost plovidbe pod vodom s otključavajućim komadima dok igra napreduje. Jahanje zvijeri s druge strane podrazumijeva pripitomljavanje ili, ako ništa drugo, nehumanoidni pratitelj će se ovaj put pridružiti popisu drugova.

Whichever the case, it appears there is much that has not been unveiled about this “mysterious” game.