Izvršni direktor Tencenta Pony Ma detronizira Jack Ma kao najbogatiju osobu u Kini

Ako ne znate, glavni izvršni direktor Tencenta je Ma Huateng, najpoznatiji kao Pony Ma. Kineski poslovni magnat također je investitor, političar i filantrop, a sada je poznat kao "najbogatija osoba u Kini".

Tencent publishes games and helps other companies develop games too. Often, the company buys stakes in businesses and has a portfolio of over 800 studios relying on it as of this writing.

Moreover, Tencent also has plans on shaking up the U.S. games industry by using popular characters to make a big impression on those in North America. So far, the company is inching ever so close to making that dream a reality by setting up a new studio in California that will churn out triple-A blockbuster games.

Right now, the Chinese conglomerate needs to fill 13 game-related positions in the studio based in California to make as many high profile games as possible to appeal to those in the west.

Furthermore, the coronavirus has been helping the company since people have been turning to the tech giant’s subsidiaries and other parts connected to Tencent. As per website bloomberg.com, Tencent has seen a $40 billion surge this week, and the recent ascent has reshuffled the ranking of “China’s richest people.”

The country’s largest game developer has surpassed Alibaba as Asia’s most valuable company, with its shares rising above HK$500 in trading on June 24th, 2020, for the first time.

Tencent’s Pony Ma, worth $50 billion, has surpassed Jack Ma’s $48 billion fortune, becoming China’s richest person:

“The coronavirus pandemic has accelerated the digitization of the workplace and changed consumers’ habits, boosting shares of many internet companies.

Tencent has come a long way since hitting a low in 2018, when China froze the approval process for new games. Since then, the stock has almost doubled, and last month the tech giant reported a 26% jump in first-quarter revenue.”

Here’s the latest list of video game studios and other companies that Tencent has a Stake in as of June 2020:

  • Riot Igre - 100%
  • Morski pas - 100%
  • Supercell - 84.3%
  • Brusno igranje - 80%
  • Epic Games - 40%
  • Fatshark - 36%
  • Stunlock Studios - 31%
  • Glu Mobile - 21%
  • Funcom - 29%
  • veličanstven - 20%
  • Netmarble - 17.6%
  • Kakao - 13.5%
  • Tesla Motors - 12%
  • Bluehole - 10%
  • Sumo grupa i Sumo Digital - 10%
  • Razvoj granica - 9%
  • Ubisoft - 5%
  • Activision Blizzard - 5%
  • Paradox Interactive - 5%
  • Yager – undisclosed minority share
  • PlatinumGames - neobjavljena kapitalna ulaganja

Kao što smo vidjeli gore, Tencent ima ruku u mnogim poznatim tvrtkama. Ipak, i druge su popularne usluge poput Reddita i Discord-a dobile sredstva od Tencenta:

  • Reddit - od Tencenta su početkom 150. dobili ulaganja u iznosu od 2019 milijuna USD (nepoznato plaćanje 2020.)
  • Nesloga - od Tencenta u 158. godini dobio 2018 milijuna američkih dolara (nepoznata plaćanja 2019. i 2020.)

You can learn more about Tencent and its CEO by paying bloomberg.com posjet.