Shakedown: Hawaii Heads To Wii 9. srpnja; Wii U i paru u kolovozu

Shakedown Hawaii Wii

Vblank Entertainment Shadkwdown: Havaji izgleda kao jedna od onih igara koja je imala prilično stisak u razvojnom ciklusu. Na scenu je izašao prije mnogo godina, a zatim je utihnuo, a zatim se ponovno pojavio kao vremenska ekskluzija na Epic Games Storeu i kućnim konzolama, a sada se lansira na Wii i Wii U kasnije ove godine.

Najava za mrtve sustave objavljena je na službena web stranica Vblank, gdje je točno objašnjeno zašto se Wii i Wii U verzije igre uopće muče.

In the post, it’s explained…

“While it still feels like yesterday, it’s been nearly 14 years since the Wii launched. Although we’ve still seen some Wii releases over the past few years, seeing one more wasn’t a given. Indeed, despite my best efforts, it just wasn’t in cards anymore, at least, not for North America. However, as luck would have it, the doors hadn’t quite closed yet with Nintendo of Europe, so it was still able see a release! Words truly can’t express how appreciative I am, and I can’t thank them enough for all the heavy lifting they did on their end to make it a reality. It’s meant the world to me, and these Wii discs specifically hold an immense place in my heart.

“As incredibly as it all worked out, unfortunately, Wii discs aren’t region-free, and I didn’t want North American players to be left out. Although I continued talks with NOA, floating around a Plan B, Plan C… Plan Z, sadly, every idea hit a wall. The clock was ticking, and after exhausting all other options, I decided to pivot to the next best thing: the Wii U. After all, the Wii U still supported Wii Remotes, Wii Classic Controllers, and even 4:3! So, I rushed against time to port Shakedown: Hawaii to Wii U as well, and get it through certification before that door could close too!”

Originally the game was supposed to be out much sooner after it was teased for the Wii and Wii U back in late 2019. However, when Mistress Corona-chan’s deadly kiss brought the world spiraling to its knees like a love-struck virgin with butterflies tying knots in their stomach, all plans for a release on Nintendo’s discontinued systems were brought to a halt.

Ipak, nakon malo krađe i malo vremena za papriku u optimizacijama i ispravnom ispravnom testiranju, čini se kao da Shakedown: Havaji sada se priprema za njegovo izdanje na Wii i Wii U. Tražite da se Wii verzija pokrene 9. srpnja, dok će Wii U verzija biti dostupna zajedno sa Steam verzijom u nekom trenutku u kolovozu.

Nije postavljen datum izdanja za verzije igre Wii U ili Steam, no uskoro se planira objaviti najava.

Verzija Wii i Wii U podržavat će i Wii-mote, kao i omjere 4: 3 za FPS izlaz bez gubitaka na CRT ekranima.

There’s also support for both 50hz and 60hz NTSC and PAL output, along with native support for the Wii Classic Controller, Wii Classic Controller Pro, and the GameCube Controller.

Shakedown: Havaji objavljen prošle godine za kućne konzole i trgovinu Epic Games, uključujući onu Nintendo Switch i PS4. I’m not sure why anyone would exactly want to get the game on the Wii or Wii U, but for nostalgia enthusiasts the option will be available starting July 9th.