Marvelov Spider-Man: Miles Morales zamjenjuje Petera Parkera

Spider Man Miles Morales

Na to smo vas upozorili natrag kad Marvelov Spider-Man prvi izašao, a sada se ta upozorenja ostvaruju. Igre za nesanicu, Sony i Marvel ulaze sve u guranje lika koji se ne sviđa igračima u nastavak koji nitko pametan ne bi trebao tražiti. Nova igra zamjenjuje Petera Parkera s Milesom Moralesom, kojeg su postavili da preuzmu vladavine kao glavnog protagonista u originalnom izlasku iz 2018. godine Marvelov Spider-Man, Imajte na umu da su i Sony i Insomniac Games u igri Glavna lista izdajnika Amerike.

Nova igra trebala bi lansirati odmor, 2020. za PlayStation 5. They didn’t speak much to what the game’s plot would be about, but they did reveal a brief teaser trailer featuring the now standard PlayStation staple of movie-like gameplay over actual gameplay.

U nastavku možete pogledati prikolicu za zadirkivanje GameSpot.

It’s amazing that they spent a minute and a half on footage without actually showing anything significant.

In fact, we have no idea who Morales’ main antagonist is, nor do we have any indication on why Peter gave Miles the a-okay to take over as Spider-Man.

I imagine they will try to construct some sort of ridiculous narrative as to why Peter is no longer Spider-Man and why Miles is taking over, or they will attempt to kill off Peter so they can further strip away any presence of straight white-males in media. Don’t be surprised if the third outing will replace Miles with Spider-Gwen. Furthermore, don’t be shocked if they make Gwen gay, which they are wont to do with all forms of media protagonists in today’s degenerate society.

I wasn’t the biggest fan of the original outing of Marvelov Spider-Man, what with their preference for promoting Pride flags throughout the game and making Mary Jane and Black Cat ugly. But now that they’re replacing Peter with Miles, I have no hope for the future of this franchise.

Expect the typical Centrists™ to run to the defense about how “Miles has been around for years in the comic realm!” and “Peter being replaced by Miles and Gwen isn’t bad!” and the typical “There’s nothing wrong with representation!” all while ignoring the fact that market demographics exist for a reason and the people that Centrists™ keep defending are NE većina.