Retro pregled kapetana Amerike Super vojnik: mnogo potreban junak za igranje

Pregled super vojnika kapetana Amerike

Titula: Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik
Žanr: Beat-'em-up
platforme: Xbox 360, Wii, PS3 (pregledano)
razvijač Igre na sljedećoj razini
Nakladnik: Sega
Datum objave: Lipnja 15th, 2011

Kao što znate, novije igre su sve pozzirane, tako da sam prolazio kroz zadnji katalog igrajući neke naslove koji su mi nedostajali u prošlim godinama prije nego što su Social Justice Warriors kooptirali cijelu medijsku industriju. Jedna od takvih igara koja mi je zapela za oko bila je veza sljedećih igara za igranje super junaka uživo, Kapetan Amerika: Prvi osvetnik.

Chris Evans je to možda učinio na ulazu Popis izdajnika Amerike, ali prije nego što je objesio spandex i svoj vibranski štit End Game, he was doing more than just playing a national hero on the silver screen; he was also voicing America’s first super soldier in the 2011 outing of Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik.

Funnily enough, despite Evans being a raging Liberal, the game itself is extremely Conservative. Steve Rogers is a straight, white, Christian male using his physical prowess to overcome evil. There are no NPCs that run up to you to tell you about transitioning; there are no female POCker commanders directing Hydra’s forces; there are no multi-racial German soldiers mucking about; no lispy couple complaining to the Captain about not being able to get married; nor any speeches about female empowerment.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - kraj

Pozz-free igre

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik za sve namjere i svrhe je u potpunosti bez pozz. Zaista, igra svog vremena.

The 3D beat-’em-up follows a single campaign on the Eastern Front where Captain America attempts to infiltrate a Bavarian village occupied by Hydra forces and destroy their base of operations. I liked that the entire game was centered around a single mission instead of having the Captain globe-trot or have to stop some massive plot hatched by international powers. Instead the game is solely centered on Captain Steve Rogers’ encounter with various heads of Hydra while working with the Howling Commandos to rescue P.O.Ws from a single Hydra base.

Cap’s adventures starts in France where he fights through the trenches to help American soldiers against Hydra forces. Interestingly enough, you don’t actually fight Nazis, only Hydra forces. They make it clear throughout the game that Hydra doesn’t actually like the Nazis or the German soldiers, and they have completely separate intentions.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - francuski front

Mehanička borba

Anyway, the French trenches work as a tutorial to acclimate you to the basic understanding of how to utilize the Captain’s abilities, which are pretty basic. He has a melee button, a grab button, a counter-attack button, and a dodge button.

Lijevi i desni okidač su za štit, a lijevi i desni branik za blokiranje i posebne napade, čiji posljednji kapetan može osloboditi nakon izgradnje posebnog metra.

The combat system is almost practically identical to Rocksteady Games’ Batman Arkham series, so if you’re in any way remotely familiar to the way that system works, you’ll have a basic understanding of how the combat plays out in Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - spasilačka misija

Protunapad u Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik mnogo je teže izvršiti nego u Batman: Arkham games, though. The timing requires you to basically counter while a little yellow indicator flashes around an enemy, but you have basically a fraction of a second to react. It gets easier as you play through the game and understand how fast you have to input the button mechanics, but it can be frustrating when you see an enemy gearing up to attack but you’re in the middle of grabbing or countering another enemy.

A možete i odmah zaustaviti dolazne napade žrtvujući jednu traku sa posebnog metra da biste odmah nokautirali / ubili neprijatelja.

The speed of charging the bar is based on what you do during combat. Basic attacks, combo strings, and grab moves will inch the bar forward, but pulling off some cinematic-quality antics such reflecting bullets back at snipers, or back-flipping out of harm’s way at the last second during an explosion or devastating attack.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - vrisak

Hotties u Hydra

My biggest gripe with the combat is that you’re only really forced to combine your moves and special attacks with expert precision at the end of the game. Most of all the other encounters are fairly milquetoast save for enemies known as Screamers, who possess psyionic abilities that can block all shild attacks and prevent Captain America from getting close to them. You have to basically wear down their mental abilities by blocking or dodging their attacks and then getting in close to finish them off.

There are also a handful of boss fights sprinkled throughout the game, but they’re nowhere near as difficult as many other beat-’em-up or hack-and-slash titles out there.

Vaš prvi veliki neprijateljski susret je barun Wolfgang Von Strucker, za koga sam mislio da će biti neprijatelj koji se ponavlja tijekom cijele igre, ali nažalost, vi se borite protiv njega samo jednom, a ostatak igre provodite zabacujući glave dr. Arnimom Zolom i gospođom Hydra.

Speaking of Madam Hydra…

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - gospođa Hydra

Iznenadila me koliko su vruće Igre na sljedećoj razini napravile gospođu. Unatoč tome što je negativka i potpuno zataškana, ipak su je učinili super seksi.

Of course, this was the norm back then since just about every game made before 2012 featured hot chicks. They’re now a rarity in games, especially Western-made games.

It’s interesting because Strucker only appears in one segment but Madam Hydra taunts the Captain during the second half of the game .

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - barun Von Strucker

Another thing I thought was cool – and something you won’t see in current-day games – is that gamers are actually allowed to beat the snot out of Madam Hydra using actual fisticuffs. Not only that but you could use special attacks to smack the Madam across the face.

Kapetan Amerika ne diskriminira nikoga od svojih neprijatelja.

Svi su jednaka meta za svoje super napajanje.

To mix up the game’s combat repetition they have some short puzzle segments interspersed throughout where you have to unlock doors by combining letters or numbers to decrypt the password to the door. It’s pretty straightforward where all you have to do is use the analog sticks to align the numbers or letters on top of each other.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - zagonetka na vratima

Osnovne zagonetke

Postoji i nekoliko drugih segmenata slagalice koji su prošarani tijekom cijele igre, uključujući i pokretanje nekih elektroničkih uređaja kako bi se kratko oružje uništilo ili onemogućilo generator napajanja ili nadjačali komandni centar.

The wire mini-game is pretty simple once you figure it out. If you hold the wires too close together it will blow up and take a lot of the Cap’s life. So you have to gently hold both analog sticks close together to short-circuit the board.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - vruća žica

There are also some light platforming segments to break up the monotony, but it’s semi-automated.

u Batman: Arkham i Assassin Creed games, there’s a lot of freedom with how you scale environments and move around certain levels, but in Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik možete skakati ili penjati se na određenim područjima, obično označenim jarko žutim pokazateljima.

Sometimes the platforming isn’t always clear as to where you’re supposed to go or how you’re supposed to get there.

Although, to their credit they do have an option for gamers to utilize Captain America’s super senses where you tap up on the digital pad and can readily see where you need to go next.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - izazov platformi

Poluautomatsko oblikovanje platformi

Most of the platforming relies on simply timing when to press the ‘X’ button to jump to the next object, or tapping Circle to drop down to a platform.

It’s far less intuitive than Uncharted, a ograničeni opseg mehanike platformiranja čini više neugodnim nego zabavom.

Ali, to vam predstavlja dodatni izazov da stignete do novih područja kako biste zgrabili rijetke kolekcionarstvo koje se može koristiti za otključavanje nove konceptualne umjetnosti, filmskih rola ili čak alternativnih kostima za kapetana.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - konceptualna umjetnost


Nažalost, ako ste se nadali nekom odjeći od bilo kojeg od Avengers ili nastavak Kapetan Amerika films, you’re fresh out of luck.

The main costumes include the Captain’s outfit from Kapetan Amerika: Prvi osvetnik, kao i njegova alternativna odjeća Ultimate World Ultimate Ultimate, te njegov originalni kostim Star Bangled Banner.

The unlockable outfits also come with special bonuses, too, so it’s not like they’re just there for cosmetic purposes.

Također možete koristiti kolekcionarstvo za otključavanje nadogradnji koje vam omogućavaju da izvodite nove poteze, jače šaltere ili odskačete štit dodatnim neprijateljima.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - nadogradnje

The way the game is setup, though, it’s structured like a Metroidvania title.

Nakon što posjetite svaku lokaciju možete se vratiti na te lokacije pomoću kanalizacijskog sustava.

Yes, this is one of the rare times where the sewer isn’t an annoying stage where you’re trudging through sludge and fighting slime monsters. Instead, every time you unlock a new area you can use the sewers to go back to that area in case you missed a collectible, a schematic, or if you just wanted to explore areas you didn’t get to look through thoroughly enough.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - kanalizacija


Sada su neke od shema zapravo više od samo XP sitnica, one također daju kapetanu uvid u neprijateljske slabosti i dodaju pasivne štetočine tijekom borbe kako bi se povećalo vrijeme zapanjuvanja, nanošenje štete ili obrana od određenih neprijatelja.

Istraživanje vam također daje priliku da provjerite vrlo detaljno detaljno bavarsko okruženje.

These days there’s a push from developers to undermine and truly pervert classic European culture. Architecture, attire, and even the populace are oftentimes subverted to push the Liberal-Progressive agenda of “multiculturalism”, which is just code-word for anti-white.

Ovdje, međutim, možete reći da su se umjetnici mukotrpno pobrinuli osiguravajući da su vanjski i interijeri za sela izgrađeni s izuzetnim detaljima.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - bavarska konoba

Poštujući bavarsku kulturu

It’s funny because European culture has been so subverted in recent years that it was a real joy to see how much the team respected the time period and the location in Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik.

Sve što se tiče okoliša izgledalo je i osjećalo se endemično za vremenski period, bez ikakvih anahronističkih zamki koje su preplavile u [tekuću godinu] medije.

Proveo sam malo vremena samo pregledavajući neke sobe i detalje interijera; svodovani plafoni i način na koji ulice prolaze ulice imali su tako autentičan osjećaj. Srednjovjekovni utjecaji koji su još uvijek prisutni tijekom 1944. u Bavarskoj s drvenim gredama, drvenim namještajem i slavljenjem lokalnih kraljevskih obitelji dali su do znanja da se Next Level ozbiljno bavi zanatstvom kad je došlo vrijeme za istraživanje područja kulture koja se rijetko istražuje. Oni su također uspjeli učiniti da se okupirani grad osjeća i živim i dio rata koji je u toku.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - bavarska kuhinja

However, it’s a shame that the interactive elements were rather thin, with only collectibles being highlighted and some furniture capable of being knocked over or destroyed by the Captin’s shield.

But, again, it’s a game of its age and due to the limited horsepower of the PS3 and Xbox 360, it was pretty obvious that there were restrictions on how much damage the Captain could do to the environment or how enemies could be interacted with the environment.

U stvari, ne postoje posebni potezi okoline, za razliku od njih Sleeping Dogs, Assassin’s Creed or Marvelov Spider-Man.

Zbog toga se mnogi okršaji osjećaju pomalo statično, usprkos odigravanjima na ponekad zanimljivim lokacijama. Jedina stvarna mjera interaktivnosti koju posjeduju su eksplozivni računalni terminali ili klasične crvene bačve. Postoji i nekoliko područja u kojima imate pristup turetama za polijetanje velikih skupina neprijatelja ili letećih helosa.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - helo-borba

Osrednji vizualci

Graphically, outside of the architecture looking fantastic and the artists pouring their hearts out to bring the environments to life, I can’t say that the visuals are really all that standout in the game.

Unlike Rocksteady’s Batman: Arkham serija koja je koristila pomalo 3D plastični izgled tako da je sve izgledalo kao figure modela oživljene, Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik riješili su se lažno realističkog izgleda koristeći fotogrametriju za glavne likove kao što su dr. Zola, kapetan Amerike, Bucky Barnes i Dum Dum Dugan.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - sekvencija zadirkivanje

Srednja grafika zaglavljena na 720p, 30fps

Ali zahvaljujući osrednjem osvjetljenju, srednjem radu mreže i neprimjetnim teksturama možete vidjeti kako je igra poprilično zastarjela.

It’s also not helped by the fact that the game runs at 720p, 30fps on the PS3 and Xbox 360, so the jaggies from the resolution are really highlighted here.

Couple that with the fact that the PS3 had notorious frame-rate drops, and you sometimes find yourself struggling with the game’s performance during high-traction areas where a lot of enemies are on the screen or a lot of explosions are going off. While the PS4 i Xbox One su barem pokušali tvrdo zaključati performanse pri 30 sličica u sekundi, PS3 i Xbox 360 borili su se da zadrže čak i to.

However, the game is still playable, it’s just nowhere near as fluent as it could have been due to hardware restrictions.

Why this game wasn’t ported to PC također je misterija koja je izvan mene, ali sigurno bi bila preferirana platforma za ovakvu igru, jer lako bih mogao zamisliti da ova igra sjaji s 4K podrškom ili bolje anti-aliasing sa 16x anizotropnim filtriranjem.

Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik - zavijaju komandosi

Chris Evans Didn’t Phone It In

When it comes to the audio, there’s a standard-fare orchestral track but no leitmotif worth remembering.

Štit zvuči izvrsno zviždanje i prevrtanje preko ekrana, kao i kad izvodite savršeno tempiran blok ili ricochet manevar pri čemu postižete lijep efekt usporenog ritma i pravilno gromoglasni odjek štita radeći svoj posao odražavajući metak natrag u strijelac ili udaranje neprijatelja u stan.

Chris Evans, unatoč tome što je liberal, ovdje zapravo obavlja baš divan posao kao Steve Rogers. Možete reći da on i dalje shvaća ulogu ozbiljno i evocira odgovarajuću količinu emocija za lik tijekom iskustva od devet sati.

I would have expected him to sleepwalk through the game like Sebastian Stan did, but Evans and Neil McDonough actually took their roles fairly seriously. I was also surprised that Haley Atwell reprised her role as Agent Peggy Carter, but thankfully she was reserved to nothing more than a speaking role where the Captain would report in on his progress in dismantling Hydra. I’m sure if the game were made today they would have had Peggy rescuing Steve during his capture instead of allowing him to free himself.


Zapravo, cijela igra govori o nekolicini američkih (i jednog Britanca) muškaraca koji vode dobru borbu. Moraju se spasiti nakon zarobljavanja, a moraju se osloniti na vlastitu pamet i hrabrost kako bi spasili dan.

I can’t remember the last game made post-2014 where men were simply allowed to be men.

Ali sve je to reklo. Kapetan Amerika: Super vojnik možda nije savršena igra, ali barem nudi dodatne otključavajuće arene za otključavanje, slično poput Batman: Arkham game, and some unlockable content and upgrades for those who are perfectionist. I doubt I’ll be returning to this game at any point, but if you were looking for a decent, ten or so hour beat-’em-up style adventure game, the least I could do is suggest that you try it out if you still have a PS3 or Xbox 360 lying around.