Interspecies Reviewers Vol. 2 Blu-Ray uključuje all-in uslugu golotinje i obožavatelja

Recenzenti međunarodnih vrsta necenzurirani

Možda je nestala zabava kako bi spriječili da je ljudi gledaju Interspecies Reviewers, također poznat kao Ishuzoku Recenzenti, ali to nije spriječilo obožavatelje da žele podržati anime na bilo koji način koji mogu. A jedan od najboljih načina za podršku autorima koji stvaraju sjajne sadržaje je podrška za Blu-ray izdanja.

Sankaku kompleks napravila je kratak članak o nekim seksi trenucima koji su znatno poboljšani Blu-ray izdanjem drugog volumena očaravajuće seks komedije.

There’s a couple of comparison shots in the Sankaku Complex article, showcasing what improvements and upgrades were added to the Blu-ray release. You can check out the examples below. Keep in mind that if you click through the images below you’ll be able to see the uncensored versions.

In this particular volume the episodes are themed around the brothel with the bright glowing light around the genitals and boobs, only in the Blu-ray release while the light still covers up the pelvic region’s poon-tang prize, there are plenty of big jiggly anime tiddies on display along with perky nipples to match.

It’s quite apparent that this is the sort of content that Funimation fears anime fans getting their hands on: content that excites straight males!

As we all know, there’s a huge push from the establishment media to subvert cultural trends, especially in the West. They want to destroy everything you love and they want to taint everything you hold dear. This is why Funimation sees a property like Interspecies Reviewers as a bane to their agenda because it’s not anti-hetero, it’s not pro-LGBTQIA+ propaganda, and it’s not filled to the brim with hideous females and weak, worthless males. It’s a celebration of fan-service.

Prvi svezak za Interspecies Reviewers trenutno je dostupan na Blu-rayu. Drugi svezak nedavno je postao dostupan 26. lipnja, a možete ga i izdvojiti

The third volume is scheduled to release near the end of July… specifically July 29th. You can pre-order the Blu-ray for vol. 3 of Interspecies Reviewers upravo sada kao dobro.

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