Facebook najavljuje kupnju Ready at Dawn Studios

Facebook je danas u akviziciji kao da je Tencent. Ne samo da sada radi tvrtka Mark Zuckerberg imati veze s Mikserom, sada ima posjed nad Ready at Dawn Studios. Ove su informacije objavljene na službenom blogu Oculos.

It’s understandable if you aren’t familiar with Ready at Dawn Studios’ portfolio of games. However, the company is best known for games like Bog rata: Lanci Olimpa, Okami, Bog rata: Duh Sparte, Bog rata: Zbirka podrijetlai Red: 1886, Potpuni popis igara tvrtke nalazi se u nastavku:

Označite Datum objave Platforma
Daxter 2006 PSP
Bog rata: Lanci Olimpa 2008
Okami 2008 PS2, Wii
Bog rata: Duh Sparte 2010 PSP
Bog rata: Zbirka podrijetla 2011 PS3
Red: 1886 2015 PS4
Deformers 2017 PC, PS4, Xbox jedan
Lone Echo 2017 Oculus Rift
Echo Arena 2017 Oculus Rift
Borba odjeka 2018 Oculus Rift

Moreover, Ready at Dawn Studios is said to continue creating “memorable, immersive, and innovative VR content for gamers around the world.” It’s also worth noting that Facebook will allow its new possession to be an “independently-operated studio.” Additionally, oculus.com ističe zašto je Facebook kupio tvrtku:

“Ready At Dawn is a veteran game developer, having shipped games to multiple platforms in the past, and a VR pioneer. They’ve created four games for the Oculus platform since 2017, including Lone Echo, Echo Arena, Echo Combat, and Lone Echo II (currently in development), all of which feature Ready At Dawn’s signature zero-g continuous locomotion system and full-body IK (inverse kinematics). With Facebook’s latest advancements in VR technology, Ready At Dawn can readily explore a future of rich and immersive original VR content.

[…] We’re exploring many ways to accelerate VR, and we have awesome and innovative plans for the next few years of gaming. We are thrilled to have Ready At Dawn join our team.”

Kao što je spomenuto u gornjem bloku, u programu Ready at Dawn Studios radi Usamljeni odjek 2. It’s unclear when the second installment to the first game will make its debut, but what is for certain is that Facebook now owns the studio.

Više o ovoj akviziciji možete saznati prema naslovu na oculus.com.