Andy Warski zabranio s YouTubea

Andy Warski Zabranjen

Nakon 12 godina stvaranja sadržaja, prikupio je više od 227,000 pretplatnika Društvena oštrica, and becoming embedded in the e-drama culture of content creation, YouTube has finally banned Andy Warski for “severe violations” related to YouTube’s policy against harassment, bullying, or threatening content.

The news was made public via a tweet on June 26th, 2020 on Warksi’s main Twitter account.

Kao što je spomenuo Warski, nije imao vremena za sigurnosnu kopiju nijednog svog videa. Svi su izbrisani bez upozorenja. Ako provjerite bilo koji od popisi za reprodukciju i dalje su na YouTubeu featuring Warski’s content, they’re all barren, blank, gone, finito.

He’s still producing content over on the kanal nazvan Subkultured, where he’s amassed close to 4,000 followers..

He’s also co-hosting the Killstream with Ethan Ralph from the Ralph Retort.

As for what content netted him the final banhammer from YouTube? The video content host didn’t say, but the message is pretty loud and clear, which he shared on Twitter.

If the tweet is unavailable or the image isn’t appearing, you can view it below.

As we’re gearing up for the fall elections, it was inevitable that YouTube would ban any and all content creators that aren’t toeing the Leftist line.

Guranje dnevnog reda doseglo je sve nove visine i u osnovi većina stvaralaca sadržaja koji su anticenzurirani ili skloni nazivanju pika pikom biti demonizirani, zasjenjeni ili su potpuno izbačeni iz platforme.

They have made it where there is no room at all for dissenting thoughts, opinions, or beliefs that challenge, rival, or don’t align with the Left’s agenda.

On the upside, if you’ve been following Andy Warski or are a fan of his content, you can still check him out producing new videos and streams over on