Ugovori snajperskog duhova 2 usmjereni na PC, kućne konzole kasnije ove godine

Iako ostaje nejasno je li drugi unos u Sniper Ghost Warrior Ugovori serija će se prizemljivati ​​na konzolama sljedeće generacije (kao što su PS5 i Xbox Serija X), ono što je sigurno je da će drugi obrok krenuti PC i trenutne gene kućne konzole kasnije ove godine.

Znamo za to zahvaljujući nedavnom djelu na web mjestu poljskih investitora The site in question interviews the president of CI Games, Marek Tymiński, and here’s a translation of Tymiński talking about the second game to release on PC and home consoles:

“Work on Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is in full production. It’s too early to talk about the release date, but we don’t rule out that it will debut sometime later this year. The team creating the series consists of experienced people, so work on the next part is much more predictable, so it’s easier to plan and react regularly if something is not going according to plan. We are also preparing a new feature that will be the upcoming game that should pique the interest of fans of the series and as well as new players. We will also introduce many other improvements as seen in the previous game. As for the second game’s story and setting, it will be a brand new one set in another region of the world. The game will head to PC and consoles, and its production budget will be lower than the previous one. With the schedule of regular releases [in this franchise], we will be able to cut down marketing expenses which will help out.”

Drugim riječima, Tymiński kaže da će rad na prethodnim igrama na drugi način olakšati posao na drugoj rate, a budući da će se marketinški troškovi smanjiti, tim se može usredotočiti na dodavanje novih značajki, kao i približavanje nadolazećeg ulaza na PC i kućne konzole kasnije ove godine.

Later on, the website asks Tymiński if he is pleased with the first game’s performance and will that help out with the second title. Tymiński’s response lies below:

“I am pleased with the number of copies sold of Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts. I think the release date was spot on. Thankfully, the title was available on store shelves around the world for the holiday season. And physical distribution is something the team is satisfied with to this day, even in many large markets, such as the U.S. and Germany. This is very important for the next game in the series since our partners will gladly deal with its distribution internationally. I am also happy with the game’s digital performance, especially on Steam. Looking at the digital distribution platform, the game received very good ratings from players. All this allows us to calmly plan the future of this series without distractions.”

Ono što nam od svega može oduzeti jest da je drugo Sniper Ghost Warrior Ugovori will have a digital and physical release. However, there’s no telling if the game will land back on Steam or if it will travel to other clients like GOG or the Epic Games Store. Time will tell.

In the meantime, what we know right now is that the game has no release date but should come out sometime this year. However, it wouldn’t be wise to hold your breath on that given that the game could face a delay.

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