Besplatno ažuriranje infekcije GTFO-a počinje 31. ožujka uživo s 10 novih karata


Švedski studio 10 Chambers Collective jedna je od rijetkih grupa u zemlji koja nije ustupila mjesto globalističkoj infekciji. Tada je prilično ironično da je najnovije ažuriranje za njihovu zajedničku pucačku igru ​​s četiri igrača, GTFO ima naslov „Infekcija“. Ažuriranje će biti besplatno za sve koji posjeduju igru ​​od 31. ožujka i to je drugi veliki izlazak u sklopu koncepta Rundown programera.

The new update will come jam packed with 10 brand new maps to experience, and two all new weapons to utilize, including a burst rifle and a machine pistol. You’ll need to make use of every weapon you can get your hands on for the new map, since it includes some tension-inducing moments, as explained by 10 Chambers’ founder, Ulf Andersson, who stated…

“GTFO doesn’t hold any hands and places demand on cooperation from the start; communicate with your team to find out if they see any signs on the walls or doors, to make progress. On this particular expedition we’re playing in the video, the players need to work together to establish an external uplink from a terminal: One team member will need to type in commands that are only visible on the screens of the three other players – who will need to shout them, while also combating an onslaught of monsters. As you can see in the video, it gets intense.”

Don’t let his description be the only thing that determines whether you’ll find the new update enticing or not. There’s a video of the gameplay that you can check out below to see for yourself how it all plays out.

Igra se i dalje odvija u podzemnom objektu poznatom kao Complex.

Kao što vidite u videu, oni koriste skener za provjeru neprijatelja prije ulaska u sobu.

They get spotted and make a hasty retreat while shutting the door behind them. The door doesn’t stay closed for long, though, as the enemies bang against the door until they bust through it.

Kasnije u videozapisu zasjedaju neke pragove, hvataju ključ iz ormara i vraćaju se kroz tunele.

Pri kraju videozapisa četvorica suigrača moraju zajedno raditi na prenašanju koda dok jedan igrač unese kôd u terminal.

They didn’t make it to the end, but they did give gamers a brief idea at how the new feature works.

According to Simon Viklund, not all 10 of the maps will be available right at the start. They will unlock successively as more and more of the community plays through the expeditions. In the press release he explained…

“The update will include 10 new maps in total but we’re trying out an exciting new feature as well, that we call Warden Restriction. When we release the update, it will have a number of the expeditions locked. When a certain number of people have completed the tiers that lead up to those expeditions, the locked ones will become accessible.”

It’s a risky venture relying on the community to unlock content for everybody else, but GTFO is built around the co-op experience, so we’ll see how that all plays out when the Infection update goes live March 31st.

GTFO trenutno se još nalazi u Early Accessu na Parna trgovine za 34.99 $.