Roj dronova pojavit će se na tržištu PAX East uoči krajem 2020. izdanja na PC-u

Drone Swarm

Stillalive Studios i Astragon Entertainment nedavno su objavili da je strateška igra u stvarnom vremenu, Drone Swarm, pojavit će se na PAX East i igračima dati uvid u ono što slijedi s revolucionarnog novog RTS-a na kojem će se više od 32,000 XNUMX bespilotnih letjelica rojiti na bojnom polju.

The new video is just under two minutes long and is basically a recap of the last two years of development, including their attendance at GamesCom where they demoed the game’s first major trailer for the public.

Stillalive reveals that they’ve partnered with Studio 451 from Michael Bay, who will work on a tie-in comic book for Drone Swarm that will also coincide with the game’s cinematics. You can get a quick glimpse of Drone Swarm i dio igre i kinematografije u videu ispod.

Prava velika vijest je da je igra osigurala prozor za puštanje do kraja 2020. godine PC a pojavit će se na PAX Istoku u Bostonu Massachusettsu između 27. veljače i 1. ožujka 2020. godine.

They’ll be demonstrating the game for the public so you’ll finally get a good idea of what the gameplay is like and how you’ll be able to utilize the 32,000 AI drones to your advantage in the game.

Players take on the role of Captain Carter, a male. I know, it’s shocking in [current year] to actually get to play as a male captain for once!

Anyway, you’ll be in control of a ship that can manipulate the very same drones that nearly wiped Earth off the map of existence. You can use them both offensively and defensively.

Dron roj - nabrijan

Your goal will be to lead the colonization ship, Argo, to find a new Earth. As you travel across the galaxy you’ll have to fend off the last surviving humans using an army of drones.

You’ll not only use the drones defensively or offensively, but you’ll also need to direct them to gather resources for you across your travels, which can then be used to upgrade the Argo mothership.

Drone Swarm će pratiti Izgradnja Simulator 2 i Izgradnja Simulator 3 at Astragon Entertainment’s booth at PAX East, along with the console version of Autobusni simulatori pregled za PS4 i Xbox Jedna iteracija od Liftoff: Trke s dronovima.

Za više informacija slobodno posjetite službena web stranica Astragon Entertainment.