Pad zaliha elektroničke umjetnosti nakon davanja smjernica za ožujak

Iako je digitalni udio Electronic Artsa u ovom tromjesečju porastao, ukupni neto prihodi premašili su 1.59 milijardi dolara, a ukupne neto rezervacije dosegle 1.98 milijardi dolara, smjernice tvrtke za tekuće tromjesečje bile su prilagođeni prihod od 1.152 milijarde dolara, što je ispod prosjeka od 1.2 milijarde dolara na ulici. To je dovelo do pada dionica EA-e za 6%.

If you don’t know, EA’s live-service mechanics brought in $993 million of the company’s total net bookings last quarter. Well, said number has increased, insofar that live-service mechanics now make up 77% of EA’s total net bookings.

Unatoč novcu za uslugu uživo koji pomaže EA-u, web stranica reports that things aren’t as rosy as one would think in that EA’s guidance for the current quarter was slightly shy of hitting the set goal:

“Electronic Arts stock was down about 6% in after-hours trading Thursday after the game maker gave guidance for its March quarter slightly below analyst expectations.


Electronic Arts (ticker: EA) reported adjusted revenue of $1.98 billion for its fiscal third-quarter, versus the analyst consensus of $1.97 billion, according to FactSet. Its guidance for the current quarter was $1.152 billion in adjusted revenue, below the $1.2 billion Street average.”

Prema web stranici, it is said that Jefferies analyst Alex Giaimo expected EA’s quarter to be an “A,” but instead, he says the whole run was a “B+ quarter.”

Giaimo je također imao ovo za reći:

“We believe bullish investors were looking for ~$2.65 in EPS and a better 4Q guide. Nonetheless, we see no red flags in the results and note that core franchises continue to drive healthy Live Services growth (+27% in 3Q).”

It looks like Giaimo isn’t the only one mesmerized by the whole live-service shtick. According to Barrons, the site says Wall Street analysts are “generally positive on EA.” It is said that around 67% have ratings of “Buy,” while 33% of the opposite side sport a “Hold” rating.

Lastly, the aforesaid falls in line with CEO Andrew Wilson’s take during the earnings release in that he looks at live-service mechanics across multiple titles as being an excellent thing:

"Bila je to izvrsna treća četvrtina, a nove igre i usluge uživo oduševili su više igrača širom svijeta."

Iako nije iznenađujuće, očekujte više mehanike uživo u EA igrama.