TimeSplitters premotavanje planova tima dijeli planove o izdanju projekta

Ponovno premotavanje vremena je još uvijek živ i udara, a čini se da je za to napravljena igra obožavatelja PC prema novom ažuriranju projekta. Da, službeni kanal YouTube više ne spava nakon desetomjesečne pauze i podijelio je informacije o planu izdanja, fazama i mnogim drugim za Ponovno premotavanje vremena.

This project has restarted so many times it wouldn’t be wrong to say that you have lost interest in it along the way. However, if you have given up on the project, know that the devs behind the fan game are still actively creating stuff.

As proof, the devs have this 14-minute long video up on TimeSplitters Rewind Službeni for your curiosity:

According to the above video, we learn that the devs have fully blocked out half of the maps, but not all of them. I should note that the maps blocked out still need polish, but progress is indeed underway.

Furthermore, the devs have revealed the story for TimeSplitters 1 is working, which means that they have TimeSplitters 2 i TimeSplitters: budućnost savršena left to complete.

Another important thing to point out is the devs planning to release the game. As of now, no due date is set, but the crew wants an early access release so that fans have something to play with should the project die. Additionally, this “early access release” isn’t going to be the full game, but as time goes on, more content will drop at a later date post-launch.

Despite Deep Silver and THQ Nordic doing something “special” with the Timesplitters IP along with Steve Ellis (an OG TimeSplitters dev), the people behind Ponovno premotavanje vremena aren’t concerned about any of that stuff and will continue to focus on the fan project at hand.

Finally, you can stay up to date with all things Ponovno premotavanje vremena or help develop the game by hitting up the team’s Nesloga, Twitter, ili Facebook portali.