Unesite Trailer Djevojčica zmajeva je čista, seksi, suradnja u B-klasi između Indije i Kine

Uđite u Djevojčicu Zmaj

Indija i Kina s ponosom su izbacile prvi trailer za akcijski film B razreda, Uđite u Djevojčicu Zmaj. Film je na glasu kao "prvi" indijski pokret borilačkih vještina, iako gotovo svi njihovi akcijski filmovi sadrže složene sekvence borbenih borilačkih vještina!

Anyway, Big People Production and Tiger Company teamed up to throw funds in the lap of Ram Gopal Varma’s cheesy depiction of a busty Indian chick, played by Pooja Bhalekar, who spends as much time kicking and punching as she does flaunting her curves. Not that I’m complaining.

There’s some goofy plot about her, her beta-male boyfriend, and her obsession with the deceased Bruce lee. You can check out the trailer below courtesy of RGV.

The trailer doesn’t really tell us anything about the film.

Zašto je opsjednuta Bruceom Leejem?

Zašto ona stalno udara svog dečka po gonadama?

S kim se ona uopće bori?

We don’t really get any answers to any of that throughout the three and a half-minute runtime of the trailer. It somehow amazingly manages to skip over the movie’s plot, but it was certainly ripe with a different kind of plot.

Unesite Djevojčicu Zmaj - znojenje

Puno se slika usporenih Pooja kako trče, skaču i udaraju gdje vidimo bljeskove skrivenih rukava ili puno pokreta iz njezinih grudi i stražnjice dok odbijaju naprijed-natrag dok ona trči prema kameri u usporenom kretanju kao da bila je na audiciji za 1990-ove emisije Baywatch.

It’s almost like a live-action iteration of what Dead or Alive 6 trebalo je biti!

As far as actual martial arts abilities are concerned… Pooja is certainly flexible, and she can manage to get her leg up in all the right positions to make the boys pay eager attention to what’s happening on-screen, but technique wise we don’t really see much of anything at all. The one jumping front kick she does is aided by strings, and the double kick she pulls off near the middle-end of the trailer looked obviously staged.

Of course, though, the camera seems to love her… and her body.

Unesite Djevojčicu Zmaj - trening

As goofy as this movie looks I can’t help but wonder exactly how well it’s going to do at the box office? American films have completely forfeited any sort of fan-service and they all seem to aim their films at stay-at-home lesbians who hate everything, hence why so many of their flicks end up on the Get Woke, Go Broken Master Popis.

Even still, a movie themed only on fan-service and a chick kicking the butt of the opposite sex seems like it might invite very limited audience appeal. I think if it had taken itself a bit more seriously; really honed in on the main character’s motivation for learning martial arts, and setup a believable antagonist for her I think it’s a film that could have reached some normies.

Međutim, kako trenutno stoji, više djeluje kao fling usluga B razreda za dečke koji vole plitke kokete koji visoko udaraju i pokazuju puno bedara.

Of course, I’m not complaining.