CNET dobiva YouTube oglašivača da ispusti podršku za TheQuartering

TheQuartering vs Cnet

Glavni urednik CNET-a Ian Sherr ciljao je na razne YouTubere, uključujući CleanPrinceGaming, Upper Echelon Gaming i TheQuartering. Sherrov cilj? Da ih demonetiziraju. Djelomično je uspio, uspio je natjerati razne oglašivače da povuku svoj sadržaj s kanala Jeremyja "TheQuartering" Hamblyja.

Sve je to došlo do izražaja u članku objavljenom na Lipnja 6th, 2019 by Sherr, who attempted to frame certain YouTubers in a negative light by claiming that they fed on outrage bait and pumped negativity back into the content creation sphere. His main mission was to target the advertisers of these YouTubers, and he was partially successful, writing…

“[Jeremy] Hambly funds his videos in part through paid comments, known as super chats in livestreams, selling merchandise with his likeness, and offering a $4.99 per month “membership” facilitated by YouTube. He also receives payments for ads that YouTube serves in his videos.


“GameFly, a video game rental service, said it wasn’t aware its ad had appeared in one of Hambly’s Plagge videos until CNET asked for comment. The company has since decided not to run ads on TheQuartering for an unspecified amount of time. Honda said in an emailed statement that ads run on Hambly’s videos went against its “strict” guidelines on advertising placement.


“DeVry University, which also said it will no longer run ads on TheQuartering, says it relies on Google and YouTube to help ensure its ads appear in vetted “safe environments.””

The Quartering nije prihvatio takvu vrstu izravnog pokušaja da olako demonetizira svoj račun, snimivši videozapis o mogućem pravnom sredstvu koje bi mogao slijediti u vezi s tim pitanjem, budući da Sherr izravno cilja svoje prihode.

Na suprotnom kraju spektra, Sherr je objavio dugačak Twitter nit explaining why he targeted the YouTubers he did, writing…

“Vrijeme priče: Prije otprilike godinu dana, primijetio sam da su novi komentatori igara počeli raditi na @ Googleovom @youtubeu. Uključili su @UE_UpperEchelon @cleanprincegame @DownwardThrust @LegacyKillaHD i @TheQuartering.


Most of them focused on game criticism, and some like @cleanprincegame, did it with compelling scripts, slick editing and smart background music. I wasn’t surprised to start seeing each pull in millions of views a month. But as I watched more, it seemed the videos YouTube was showing me were angrier and angrier. So I started tracking as much as I could about them. Sentiment, moments where they had calls to action, moments where they seemed to be really pushing boundaries.


“Gaming komentar YouTubersa je objavljivao o minus videozapisima 10-20, ponekad jednom tjedno, ponekad tri puta dnevno. Uskoro sam skupio stotine videozapisa i jednostavno više od trideset sati sadržaja. Imajte na umu: Star Wars film saga do sada je samo 18 sati.


“U nekim slučajevima, gledao sam svaki videozapis koji su ti kanali objavili za to vrijeme. Gledao sam kod kuće. Gledao sam u autobusu. Gledao sam u redu u Costcu. Gledao sam na plaži tijekom odmora.


- Pa zašto onda?


“I was curious about why this group seemed to be gaining traction, just as an “old guard” of YouTubers was complaining about subs and views leveling off. I began watching game commentary because I’d stumbled across @Boogie2988 , in character as the parody-angry gamer Francis, complaining about Diablo III in 2012. What I found was an interesting commentator who eventually amassed 4.5 million subs.


“Recently, he began complaining about losing subs and lower views. Oftentimes, he blamed it on something he said on Twitter or in a podcast. Sure, I thought, maybe that played a part. But then I saw other YouTubers complain too. Another, @JimSterling, complained in a video that his “shittiest game of the year awards” did double the number of views of his more positive Jimquisition awards.


“Another, @JimSterling, complained in a video that his “shittiest game of the year awards” did double the number of views of his more positive Jimquisition awards.


- Što je to vozilo? Je li se zajednica mijenjala? Jesu li igrači odjednom postali bijesniji? Jesu li bili gladni za ove epske hvatanje? (čak i ako su samo prepakirali izvješća osoba poput @jasonschreier?)


“Even the YouTubers themselves seemed puzzled. @cleanprincegame literally talked on his videos about how he was aware he’s known as “the negative guy” and saying “I haven’t done enough to perpetuate positivity.”


“So, one day he started a new channel called “What’s So Great” — about what he loves in a game, even if it’s a game everyone hates. I bookmarked it and set a todo to check in later. Just a little more than a week after launch, @cleanprincegame rebranded his positivity channel — yeah, completely gave up on this whole thing. Now it was “Games vs Food,” where he criticizes games and compares them to stuff like $3 grocery store sushi.


“I guess his community didn’t like it? (I don’t know the answer, @cleanprincegame sadly wouldn’t get on the phone with me to discuss it.)


“Natrag na izvor negativnosti, ovaj put s nekim smiješnim šalama.


“I started to think maybe it’s not just the YouTubers, but also the algorithm and the audience too. Maybe I’d stumbled on one of those a-ha’s about human behavior: We thrive on drama and negativity. We just can’t look away.


- Ali te kanale financiraju oglašivači, zar ne? Naposljetku, neki od njih to rade puno radno vrijeme. Bio sam znatiželjan ako su oglašivači čak znali da njihovi oglasi pronalaze put do ovog rastućeg kutka interneta.


“So I asked a few advertisers some questions: How do you manage your YouTube advertising? Do you ask to have your ads put on “ad safe” lists?


- Također sam pitao da li provjeravaju videozapise. To dolazi iz vremena kad sam radio na @Reutersu. Znao sam da robne marke stalno šalju ljude u trgovine da provjere plasman proizvoda, provjerite jesu li njihovi kartonski oglasi tamo gdje su plaćeni i općenito provode sustav. Sve je bilo iskreno.


“Dakle, svaki dan sam prikazivao oglase koje sam vidio na kanalima, organizirao ih i slao zahtjeve. Pa, uz jednu iznimku (@volvocars), nitko od oglašivača s kojim sam razgovarao nije rekao da su provjerili YouTube. Uopće.


“They had no idea where their ads were showing up. I’m gonna say it again: They did not know what YouTube channels they were funding. They weren’t even paying outside auditors to check for them. All they did was maybe ask to be on “ad safe” (vetted) lists, and trust their ad buyer or YouTube were checking the channels they appeared on.


“Of the ones who would go on the record, @Honda, @devryuniv and @GameFly all said there were reevaluating their blacklists after my requests for comment. In some cases, they’re investigating w/YT why their ads showed up on ones they didn’t want to be “associated with.”


“Among those searching for answers to this negativity dilemma are @Microsoft ‘s @Xbox tim @EA i @Roblox. Svaki od njih ima različite programe za poticanje zdravijeg dijaloga u zajednici. U slučaju Robloxa, oni također potiču smislenu roditeljsku uključenost.


“As to what happens from all this? I don’t know. I still don’t have a clear answer to my original question: Why is YouTube rewarding negativity so much? YouTube declined to comment for the story.


“Update, YouTube statement: “We have strict policies that govern what kinds of videos we show ads on, and videos with hateful content violate those policies. If we find videos that are showing ads and shouldn’t be, we remove ads immediately.”

The short gist of it is that through Sherr’s discursive harangue, he admitted that it was his contacting the advertisers that prompted them to add certain people to their advertising blacklists.

Tyler J., from CleanPrinceGaming tweeted out that he went out of his way to avoid Sherr’s interview. Upper Echelon Gaming wasn’t quite as lucky, and fell into Sherr’s trap, acknowledging the fault in the Twitter thread with Tyler.

JA je posegnuti pitati CleanPrinceGaming i Upper Echelon Igre ako su negativno utjecali da oglašivači povući, i ako oni odgovoriti na članak će biti ažuriran s njihovim odgovor.

This is a clear reminder that it’s not always the YouTube’s adpocalypse koji će ugristi u bilježnicu kreatora sadržaja, mnogo puta će novinari koji vide YouTubersa kao rivale pokušati deplatformirati kako bi spriječili kreatore sadržaja da povećaju svoj tržišni udio i prihode.

Novinari nisu samo neprijatelj naroda, već su i neprijatelji agentima slobode koji žele donijeti sadržaj i informacije koje uživate. Oni prvi put je došao za PewDiePie, and now they’re coming for every other YouTuber out there worth a few thousand views.

[Update:] According to Upper Echelon Gaming, there’s no word yet on if they lost advertisers but he did note that more people began signing up for their Patreon, saying…

“What i do know is there was an influx of patreons even though I did not plug that site at all… all Ian did was cross polinate audiences that are far larger than his own so in reality, I see this as an absolute win. But as for advertisers im not sure, it appears he was mostly aimed at the quartering.”

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