Urednik New York Timesa Callously suradnici igraju bijelim nacionalizmom

Kako si

"Docentica studija studija igara" Megan Condis objavila je članak o nytimes.com ožujka 27th, 2019, u kojem je iznijela nekoliko besmislenih, nereferenciranih tvrdnji zaključujući da postoji određena kultura oko igranja koja neizbježno dovodi ranjive mlade igrače u jednu od vječnih ludih ideologa: bijeli nacionalizam. Autor nije zanemario ni lukavo demonizirati žaba Pepea, koji već neko vrijeme ima bio dio baza podataka ideološke pobude sulude Lige za klevetu "simboli mržnje" Konfederacijska borbena zastavaje stara južnoafrička zastava i apstrakcije i generalizacije poput tetovaža „Njemački izrazi"I Njemački vojnici pa čak i riječi "mrziti"A"nejednak"Znak.

The author made claims of imaginary “recruiters” who lurk within gaming communities and wait for the chance to pounce on unsuspecting, vulnerable young white male gamers and… uključite ih u razgovor uz pomoć šala i mema, pisanje…

“Those who exhibit curiosity about white nationalist talking points or express frustration with the alt-right’s ideological opponents such as feminists, anti-racism activists and “social justice warriors” are then escorted through a funnel of increasingly racist rhetoric designed to normalize the presence of white supremacist ideology and paraphernalia through the use of edgy humor and memes.”

It is obvious that Ms Condis has no  awareness of how ridiculous she sounds, especially when mentioning heavily censored social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook as places where white nationalists run amok (which is even more laughable knowing that Facebook has been cracking down on “white separatists” recently, as reported by the Associated Press). She is obviously ignorant of the fact that those sites are a step ahead of her as they utilize filters that automatically ban or hide certain posts with “trigger” words in them or punish the user who made the post.

The article, somehow, managed to get even worse when the author chose to bury herself deeper into the abyss of ignorance by vilifying all straight, white male gamers as if they are nothing but pawns to be exploited, writing…

“Surveys show that in the United States, gaming is not dominated by people of one race or gender. But the stereotype of the hard-core gamer as a geeky, adolescent, straight, white male still persists within our culture — and white nationalist recruiters are great at exploiting it.”

Zatim se preselila na svoj sljedeći lijevi govor koji je govorio o točkama GamerGate, pokret koji je imao za cilj donijeti odgovornost, poštenje i profesionalnost igranje novinarstva, Čak ni Steam i Discord, koji su bili poprilični cenzura-sretan nedavno, izbjegla je njezinu oštru kritiku.

Concluding her piece, the author calls to the game industry to engage in more censorship or “moderation of their communities”, as well as leftist infiltration of gaming communities.

“There will always be dark corners of the internet for neo-Nazis to hide in and recruit from. There will always be those who claim that gaming isn’t for everyone. But we can insist that the companies that control gaming spaces recognize that this community comes with extremism dangers and that gaming is large enough that these companies need to behave as responsible actors. We can only help to reshape and reform these communities from within.”

Rather than face the music and the gamer community’s response, Megan Condis instead opted to make her Twitter account protected, as many in the social justice crowd are known to do.

Novinar Brad Glasgow odlučio ju je nazvati na svoj kukavičluk.

Comments on the NYT article page are still open and have been swarmed by leftist crazies, who I’m sure are also “gamers”.