Sinking City, kontrola i igre Quantic Dream-a bit će Epic Store Store Timed Exclusives


Tijekom ovogodišnjeg GDC-a Epic Games najavili su mnoštvo igara koje su dolazile ekskluzivno u Epic Games Store tijekom cijele godine. Ove igre uključuju tri prethodne Quantic Dreams PlayStation ekskluziva, kao i nadolazeći pucač treće osobe iz Remedy Entertainment i Frogwares vrlo očekivani noir triler Lovecraftian.

The news came courtesy of a trailer from Epic Games during this year’s GDC in San Francisco, California, where it was revealed that a bunch of titles would be joining the store as timed exclusives.

So yeah, Remedy and 505 Games’ kontrola will be a timed exclusive on the Epic Games Store. I don’t see this being a very good decision given that the game is already on wobbly ground, with a lot of gamers not entirely enticed nor convinced that this is going to be a worthwhile day-one purchase; moving it exclusively to the Epic Games Store basically precludes PC prodaje od bilo čega osim minuskula.

Frogwares’ Sinking City may fare better, as it’s actually a highly anticipated game and completely diverges away from every other AAA title out there or coming to the market. However, it is an AA title and that means there’s a higher likelihood of compatibility issues. However, the Epic Games Store lacks a support forum per game, and user reviews still aren’t active. So if Sinking City has issues you won’t readily know about them, especially since the game is scheduled to izdanje 27th lipnja, što može ili ne mora biti nakon što Epic odluči objaviti recenzije korisnika.

A little less shocking is that Quantic Dreams’ trilogy of PS3 and PS4 naslovi će biti dostupni na Epic Games Store. To uključuje izdanje 2010 od Jaka kiša, izdanje 2013 od Beyond: Dvije dušei izdanje 2018 od Detroit: Postanite ljudi.

Sumnjam da će mnogi korisnici Steama izgubiti san zbog ponude Quantic Dream, ali Sinking City is definitely going to leave a sting in the palms of gamers who were really looking forward to Frogwares and Bigben Interactive’s upcoming title.

Mnogi igrači nerado daju Epic Games Store vrijeme dana zbog njihove udruživanje s Tencentom, koji je ties to China’s state party. Gamers have a sinking suspicion and constant worry that the Tencent relationship with Epic may one day come back to bite gamers in the butt. Epic has claimed that they don’t send any of korisničke podatke koje prikupljaju Tencentu, but that certainly hasn’t eased suspicions one bit.

(Hvala za vijest Krumpy Old Gamer)