Program opsade osnivača Centauri Beta Access započinje u ožujku 28th

Opsada Centaurija

Stardock Entertainment je to najavio Opsada Centaurija imat će dostupan beta test za osnivače koji unaprijed kupe igru ​​prije 28. ožujka. Beta pristup omogućit će vam igranje igre obrane tornja koja bi trebala ući u Early Access prije nego što se pokrene u cijelosti.

Više na službenim Opsada Centaurija web stranicu they reveal that for $9.99 you can join the founder’s program, which will net you access to the upcoming beta on March 28th, along with a forum badge, and access to a private forum where you can discuss the game and offer feedback to the developers.

Ideja je da igra zauzima mnogo temeljnih koncepata RTS žanra, a zatim se baca u mnoštvo mikro i makromanagementa u obrambenom stilu tornjeva i sa jedinicama i resursima. Derek Paxton, glavni dizajner Opsada Centaurija, explained…

“With tens of thousands of enemy machines pouring toward your base, we want to give players a very new experience of what it means to defend yourselves against overwhelming odds. It takes little explaining to the player on the benefits between a rail gun that fires 1 deadly round every 10 seconds, and a high-speed plasma arc array that does low damage, but to dozens of enemies at once, when you can visibly see a huge mothership surrounded by hundreds of escorts coming at you.”

The idea is that you’ll need to weigh the risk and rewards in utilizing different strategies so that you can take out as many enemies as possible while also gathering up the resources they drop and then using them to build new equipment or upgrade your gear.

No, rizik dolazi u pokušaju prikupljanja resursa nakon uništavanja neprijatelja, istovremeno stvarajući nove jedinice i opremu, istovremeno pokušavajući spriječiti da se određena područja pretvore u neprijateljske rojeve.

Founders will be able to play-test the beta ahead of the Early Access for the general public, allowing them to find out what works, what doesn’t, get an idea of what the pacing and difficulty is like, as well as work through the mechanics to see how balanced everything is.

You can buy into the founder’s program now or you can wait and see how the game works out in the beta phase before diving into the game. Opsada Centaurija se tematizira uokolo Pepeo singularnosti universe and is also running on Oxide’s Nitrous engine. The game will be available exclusively on PC.