Dead or Alive Sub-Reddit zabrana svih slika i videa Marie Rose, NiCO, Honoka

Mrtva ili živa Xtreme 3 - Marie Rose Loli

Dok su obožavatelji anime, igrači i igrači trenutno zaključani u borbi protiv UN-a, koji pokušava nametnuti kriminalizaciju svijeta oko sebe, velika društvena čvorišta poput Reddita razbijaju sadržaj čak i kada su likovi kanonski iznad dobi 18-a.

Odlomak Dead or Alive sub-reddit moderators made an announcement on March 19th, 2019 indicating that all visitors and participants of the sub are no longer allowed to post lewd imagery or maintain certain pervasive discussions regarding lewd content involving Marie Rose, NiCO, or Honoka.

The basic TL;DR of the new rules are as follows…

“We have to remove all lewd images and videos of Marie Rose and sometimes NiCO and Honoka.


“Do not post those images or videos or link to them or you will be warned and/or banned.


“Discussion of these characters is obviously ok.


“Official stuff released by Team Ninja may or may not be lewd and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.”

Now while it says that discussion of the characters is okay, they later go on to explain that it depends on the discussion, and that it depends on whether or not the moderators deem said discussion in violation of Reddits anti-loli policy.

Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 - Marie Rose Strip Club

As they explain, they will not tolerate defenses that claim that the characters are canonically over the age of 18. Much like Valve and their claim that content they deem as "Pravno siva" (which, mind you, has no basis on actual United States law) can net you a warning or a ban, especially for imagery or videos whether official or fan-made, that they feel is in violation of Reddit’s anti-loli policy. They explain…

“Going forward, posting or linking to pictures or video depicting loli, underage characters, or characters which may appear to a reasonable person as underage, will fall under Rule 1.


“The defense of “they are canonically the age of consent” will not be sufficient if the character is sufficiently portrayed as behaving or acting in a manner of a minor, or a significant part of their characterization by the source material relies on their youth.


“The defense of “they are canonically over the age limit and they are not depicted in a lewd or sexually suggestive manner” may be sufficient. In that case, we will examine both the Reddit TOS and the sub rules. This will be addressed in an ongoing basis.


“We strongly support free speech and free expression, however, because of the Reddit TOS and applicable child pornography laws, we are bound to enforce these regulations.”

Obviously the Dead or Alive Reddit community was not amused.

What this means is that potentially showing Marie Rose doing strip dances from Mrtvi ili Živi Xtreme 3: Scarlet could get you banned, or showing Honoka or NiCO in bikinis or lewd poses could get you banned, like in the video below from HotGaming.

Essentially Reddit is now extending their loli ban from characters that appear as minors to characters that oni classify as minors, regardless of the character’s canonical age or appearance.

Many people saw this coming a mile away when the censorship started against lolicon and shotacon communities by Reddit, Twitter and other social media services, with anti-SJWs readily warning people that the censorship would steadily escalate from anime characters with itty bitties to anime characters with giant titties.

The escalation is now coming to fruition and we’re seeing that the Dead or Alive community is no longer able to post lewds of characters that moderators deem “loli”, even when said characters canonically over the age of 18. This also means that a lot of the content from the Mrtvi ili Živi Xtreme 3: Scarlet izdanje za Nintendo Switch i PS4 will not be allowed on the Dead or Alive sub-reddit community.

(Thanks for the news tip Animatic and Reality Check)