FAR: Usamljene jedra, post-apokaliptička avantura stiže na Xbox One, PS4 travanj 2nd

FAR Lone Sails

2.5D avanturistička igra avantura sa strane FAR: Lone Sails iz Mixtvision i Okomotive, pokrenut će se na Xbox Jedan i PlayStation 4 sljedećeg mjeseca s početkom 2. travnja 2019. Igra se pokrenula na Steamu za PC prošle godine u svibnju 0218 na puno pozitivnih recenzija i od anti-gaming recenzenata i stvarnih hardcore gamere podjednako.

Privlačnost FAR: Lone Sails was that it’s a post-apocalyptic game about journeying across the wastelands of a desolate Earth, repairing the rolling sailboat and upgrading its capabilities along the way, while also discovering the history of what the planet used to be before the apocalypse hit.

It’s a very thoughtful gameplay experience where you’ll have to work your fingers and tactically keep the motorized sailing ship moving and operating in some rather intense conditions. You’ll have to keep the engine temperature in check, you’ll have to keep the fuel supply going, and you’ll also have to gather up resources along the way.

Various aspects of the ship can be damaged, which will require you to keep it repaired while you deal with environmental hazards and dangerous locations, as well as violent storms that can absolutely wreck the ship. You’ll also have to work your way through some obstructions in order to upgrade the vessel to reach new locations and explore some of the mysteries of a bygone era.

FAR Lone Sails Wallpaper

The zen-like soundtrack and absolutely gorgeous art-style will definitely keep most gamers visually entrenched into the journey. It’s a unique little adventure-puzzle game that’s both graphically mesmerizing and tactically relaxing to play. There are definitely challenges but it’s not one of those games designed to endlessly frustrate you with stupidity and nonsense.

You can look to get your hands on the game starting April 2nd. It’s a shame it’s not coming to the Nintendo Switch because it seems like the perfect little gem for Nintendo’s hybrid that could.

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