Funimation Fireres Vic Mignogna Iz Morose Mononokean II slijedi # KickVic kampanju

Vic Mignogna Morose Mononokean II

Zajednica Ratnika socijalne pravde koordinirano nastoji postići da glasovni glumac Vic Mignogna dobije otkaz i zabrani mu proizvodnju animea. Ovo nije hiperbola, to se događa u stvarnom vremenu. Zapravo, Mignogna je bila nedavno ispalio iz nadolazeće sezone RWBY, s likom koji je izgovorio na showu koji je predan drugom glasovnom glumcu nakon što je Rooster Zubi objavio da se Mignogna neće vratiti. Slijedio je Funimation koji je tiho otpustio Mignognu Morose Mononokean II ispred emitiranja novih epizoda za anime.

Anime News Network reported that Funimation’s voice cast list was updated over on the official Funimation website za Morose Mononokean II.

I reached out to Funimation to confirm, and they responded by saying that Vic Mignogna had been replaced with Ian Sinclair…

“Yes, the role of Executive in Morose Mononokean II has been recast. Ian Sinclair is the VA effective episode 5, which launched on Saturday.”

This comes after persistent social media campaigns and specific media outlets targeting Mignogna, claiming that he has engaged in misconduct. The evidence? Hugging and sometimes kissing people on the forehead or cheek.

[Update 2 / 6 / 2019: The individual who originally posted the tweet asked for the embed of the tweet to be removed.]

There are various individuals on social media claiming that old photos and encounters with Vic are now equivalent to sexual harassment. You can view the archive of the incident that was posted on Veljače 4th, 2019.

Mignogna poricale optužbe, mentioning that he does enjoy being close to the fans and hugging them when possible. However, this has been misconstrued by some and used as ammunition to completely bar the voice actor from the anime business.

Over on Twitter, a Leftist lesbian going by the handle Lena De Spell, has been keeping track of and directing traffic to various organizations to get Vic Mignogna kicked out of conventions and gatherings.

There has also been targeted campaigns aimed at Funimation through social media to get them to drop Mignogna altogether from their projects.

Apparently the efforts from the Social Justice brigade are actually paying off for them, as Vic Mignogna is systematically being erased from the anime industry.

Anime News Network has been one of the outlets spearheading the allegations against Mignogna, despite the fact that actual evidence of misconduct has not surfaced. In fact, just the opposite has happened, where some of the “evidence” that was used in the media’s attempts to smear the voice actor turned out to be an act of mendacity. This was brought to light when Twitter user Kung Fu Man posted  screenshots from a Facebook message made by someone who appeared in a photo with Mignogna, denying that any misconduct took place. She also requested not to be used in the smear campaign against Mignogna.

In addition to this, when YouTube outlet TV ClownFish attempted to cover the spurious claims and flimsy allegations that the media were pushing to the forefront of the news wires, Anime News Network’s editor-in-chief, Mike Toole, labeled them as “Nazis” and tagged YouTube into the tweet, presumably in hopes of getting the YouTube channel flagged.

There’s an 18 minute video on the topic from Clownfish TV that covers the drama between them and Anime News Network, relating to the allegations made against Mignogna.

Toole, however, is already convinced that the online testimonies is proof enough, and has dismissed the idea of Mignogna being innocent until proven guilty in the court of law.

Mignogna, however, may not go quietly into the night.

There have been rumblings that the now defamed voice actor may explore legal options relating to the defamation spreading around the internet about him. These rumors and allegations have oftentimes come up in the past but quickly then fade away, but this time they came up and have stayed within the media spotlight shortly after Super Dragon Ball: Broly became a smash hit success at the box office.

Since then there has been a concerted effort from the Social Justice region of social media to “kick Vic”, almost by any means necessary.

Some fans have come out in support of the veteran voice actor, but the media right now is controlling the narrative and painting him as a villain even on the most spurious of terms, which is now legitimately affecting his future work opportunities.

This still seems far from over, but for fans hoping that Mignogna could just weather the storm and wait for it all to pass, it doesn’t appear as if that’s going to happen.

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