SexualDarkness oživljava igre odraslih na paru koja je izgubljena tijekom holokausta Waifua


SexualDarkness objavio je nekoliko igara za odrasle, uključujući i razne naslove koji su krenuli na Steam natrag prije nego što su filtri bili na mjestu. Kad je Valve prolazio i uklonio gomilu seksi i erotičnih igara, kao skupina pro-cenzure, Nacionalni centar za iskorištavanje, dolazio je na njih kako bi dopustio House Party na paru, bilo je pregršt naslova programera RyuVsCL0UD koji su uhvaćeni u Valveovom ratu protiv animea.

Natrag u third quarter of 2017 – as the waifu holocaust was ramping up and various games were being banned, censored, or removed from Steam – a number of titles from Ryu were culled from the store, including The Suffering of Larina, Infiltration, Himiko, Viktaram i Epica.

Some of these games have already returned to Steam or are coming back before 2018 is out. All of them have undergone name changes so that they’re no longer identified as the titles that released back before the Steam filters were in place. This is likely to do with RyuVsCL0UD changing names to SexualDarkness.

Sayaka, for instance, is now known as Sayaka je ponovno pokrenuo, and is scheduled to release on Steam on November 26th at the end of the month.

Valortha has returned, but the game is now known as Evalina.

The action-oriented third-person magic game with hardcore lesbian and futa sex scenes came out back on October 15th. It launched on Steam with little to no fanfare and just a handful of user reviews.

Patnja Larine was another one that got hit during the waifu holocaust. SexualDarkness revived it under a new title, Lareena, Parna stranica trgovine is most certainly not safe for work, and the screenshots of the game let you know exactly what you’re getting into.

Tu je i Zatvor libanovine, which is exactly what the title seems to infer.

Three of the games have already (re)launched and the fourth, Sayaka je ponovno pokrenuo, will return to Steam on November 26th.

You’ll need to have an active Steam account and the adult filters set to allow you to view Adults Only games. Whether or not they’ll stay on the Steam store this time around remains to be seen, but if you’re looking for some action games with some uncensored 3D sex scenes… well, SexualDarkness has a less-than-modest supply of them.