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Ako ste se spremali za puštanje Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 on PC, postoje neke sjajne vijesti za vas. Focus Home Interactive i Tindalos Interactive najavili su da će biti dva beta testa koja se mogu igrati, pred nadolazeći datum izlaska 24. siječnja 2019.

The bad news is that the only way to participate in the beta tests is if you pre-order the game. If you’re a newcomer you get a 10% off discount and access to the first and second beta tests, the first of which starts in early December later this year, and the second test that will get underway in early January ahead of the launch of the game at the end of January. For returning players who already own a copy of the original BATTLEFLEET Gothic Armada, they too will gain access to both betas, but instead of getting 10% off they’ll get a 25% off bonus.

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During the first beta you’ll gain access to all 12 playable factions, along with the multiplayer progression system, the ability to load custom games, partake in 2-vs-2 and 1-vs-1 matches, as well as go up against the AI.

Prva beta faza bit će tematizirana oko Tindalosa prikupljajući povratne informacije i prijedloge iz zajednice, kao i praćenje stopa napredovanja i otključavanja.

The second beta test will include everything from the first beta, but with a few added patches and improvements that were developed between the beta releases. You’ll also gain access to the first few hours of the single-player campaign, including the tutorial and the set up for the narrative across two of the three campaigns.

Osim što su najavili beta i datum izlaska, Tindalos i Focus Home također su izdali novu filmsku prikolicu koja pokriva različite frakcije u igri.

Over on the Steam community thread there’s a developer blog that outlines the pros and cons of each of the factions and what you can expect from each group.

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