Valthirian Arc: Stara škola junaka omogućuje vam izgradnju škole RPG heroja

Valthirian Arc Hero školska priča

Nintendo Switch, PS4, a korisnici na Steamu PC mogu se veseliti Valthirian Arc: Stara školska škola, koji je zbog objavljivanja kasnije ove godine.

The upcoming management simulator puts you in charge of building a magical school for adventurers. As the principal, the objective is to provide a classroom layout, build the appropriate facilities for your students, and bring in the right kind of training material so that you can train kids into capable heroes. There will be 20 buildings in all that you’ll be able to construct, and up to nine different specializations that you can train the kids in.

Once the students get strong enough, you can then assign them to a proper character class, form them into a group and even send them out into the world on a startling adventure. And unlike most schools indoctrinating college students with tons of useless identitarianism that doesn’t in any way, shape, or form prepare them for the real world, you can actually ensure that the kids taken under your wing will receive the proper tutelage to make something of themselves instead of ending up as baristas at a Starbucks or silovatelji u novinama za igre na sreću.

You’ll be able to send your students on a variety of missions to earn rewards. The stronger your students become, the more challenging the missions they can go on.

Najbolji dio o tome je da zapravo dobijete igrati svoje kao svoje učenike u stvarnom vremenu akcije orijentirane borbe. To uključuje osnovne napade napada i posebne čarobne vještine.

Potonja polovica prikolice pokazuje vam kako vas mogu dobiti obuka i metode poučavanja kada je u pitanju borba u stvarnom vremenu.

It’s a neat concept that actually seems pretty cool. We don’t get many games where you basically run a Hogwartz-style academy and then attempt to turn the students into legendary heroes. Well, technically there was another game like that called Ikenfell, ali to je bila jedna od onih igara koje se pokušavaju privući tzv. "progresivima".

Anyway, if you’re looking to build up a brand of worthwhile adventurers and train them in the ways of being a proper hero, like Chuck Norris, Don “The Dragon” Wilson, or Benny “The Jet” Urquidez, you can look to do so when Valthirian Arc: Stara školska škola launches later this year for Nintendo Switch, PS4, and PC. You can learn more about AGATE and PQube’s title by visiting the official PQube web stranica.