VA-11 HALL-A, Cyberpunk Bar Sim postavljen za pokretanje PS4-a, Nintendo Switch u Q1 2019


Još je objavljeno još jedno prvo tromjesečje, izdanje 2019-a; spajanje Shenmue 3 i Metro: Izlazak je Ysbryd Games i Sukeban Games ' VA-11 HALL-A: Akcija Cyberpunk Bartender.

Iskorištavanje simulatora koji se miješa u elemente igara s točkicama i klikovima uz stvarni miješanje pića i neke elemente vizualnog romana, već je uspio uhvatiti publiku niša PC, Programeri sada pokušavaju uhvatiti malo uspjeha na Nintendo Switch i PS4.

The game centers around a bartender named Jill. You’ll be able to concoct up to 24 different drinks, and learn about the lives of the people who come in to get wasted in the futuristic, cyberpunk dystopia of Glitch City.

Možete provjeriti prikolicu ispod da biste dobili ideju o tome što je igrivost.

The game covers a wide range of topics about cyberpunk life from the ground floor. Instead of being some hero trying to topple a mega-corporation or a bounty hunter attempting to bring down bio-engineered specimens, you’re able to discuss the ins and outs of transhumanism with a hybrid cat-girl, or talk about the corporatocracy of rule handed down by the mysterious Zaibatsu Corp with a grizzled journalist.

There’s also some deep-dives into the morality of robotic prostitution with a character named Dorothy Haze, who happens to be an android hooker, and there are some interludes where you can learn more about Jill, her ex lesbian lover, and some of her interests during the downtime.

Nevertheless, there’s a cyberpunk soundtrack attached to the game that you can cycle through on the in-game jukebox while you put together drinks and listen to the stories from the denizens of Glitch City, and you can alter the way some conversations unfold as you soak in the neon-hued setting of the VA-11 HALL-A dive.

Možete tražiti VA-11 HALL-A: Akcija Cyberpunk Bartender lansirati za Nintendo Switch i PS4 početkom sljedeće godine u 2019. za 14.99 USD. Igra je trenutno dostupna na Steamu i za PlayStation Vita kao digitalni download.