AO International Tennis pokreće Svibanj 8th za PS4, Xbox One

AO međunarodni tenis

Big Ant Studios su to objavili AO međunarodni tenis je postavljen na puštanje svibanj 8th, 2018 sljedeći mjesec za Xbox Jedan i onaj PlayStation 4.

Igra ima punu karakteru stvaranja, uz PlayFace patent Big Ant koji igraču omogućuje stvaranje ili rekreaciju fotorealističkih lica u igri.

Možete ih koristiti u stvarnom životu da biste ih uvezli AO međunarodni tenis, pa čak i ići tako daleko da koristite zaseban AO PlayFace alat za stvaranje vašeg lika, a zatim ih uvesti u PS4, PC ili Xbox One verzije igre. Aplikaciju PlayFace možete odmah provjeriti preko Big Ant AO Tool web portal.

If you want to see how the actual gameplay looks in action, there’s a trailer below that you can scope out, featuring Big Ant’s graphics engine flexing its muscles for the eighth gen twins.

Igra sadrži međunarodne stadione, uključujući teniske akademije. Postoje i tvrdi, travi i glineni tereni.

The animations are kind of choppy, especially to be motion captured. Big Ant still seems to have some issues with the lack of animation blending. It’s a feature that just really should be present in every single sports game these days because there’s no excuse as to why it shouldn’t be present.

There’s an option to build your stadiums, play in a single-player career mode, engage in a local co-op or competitive bout, or take the fight online and challenge other players from around the world.

A lot of people in the comment section note that Big Ant’s previous efforts have been rather… sub-par. I can’t judge what AO međunarodni tenis will be like from just a few snippets of gameplay, but hopefully the the control latency will be right proper and it’ll be a 60fps game with smooth animations at launch. Otherwise there’s going to be a lot of unhappy tennis fans.

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