Dungeons Of Tal'Doria, RPG za zadrugar u Sandboxu dobiva besplatan demo


SuneX Games najavljivali su demonstraciju za igru ​​za igru ​​uloga u pijesku, Tamnice Tal'Dorije, trenutačno je dostupan.

Bluz picked up the news from a post that SuneX Games made, indicating that you can download the free demo right now from over on the IndieDB preuzimanje stranica.

The game is a sandbox co-op RPG, themed around multiple players running around and battling enemies, looting treasures in dark dungeons, and using swords, shields, and magic to fight against the forces of evil.

The German developers described Tamnice Tal'Dorije as Diablo zadovoljava kocka Svijet, which should be enticing to anyone who enjoys either Diablo or developmentally-troubled kocka Svijet.

You can check out a trailer for the gameplay below, which showcases the game back during the time when Steam Greenlight existed.

The demo is available for both low-end and high-end PCs, with a 32-bit and a 64-bit version available.

If you’ve grown tired of waiting for new updates to appear for kocka Svijet, the demo for Tamnice Tal'Dorije will give you a small taste of what the developers have in store.

Obviously the gameplay is themed around the typical Minecraft-esque gameplay with voxel-based graphics. If you’re not into those sort of games then you probably won’t like the game. However, the demo will come with two biomes to play through along with three different dungeons, including the maze beneath a medieval plains, a Root Dungeon and a Mayan Temple Dungeon.

There are also several character classes that you can play, including knights, mages and archers.

If you’ve been playing through the game and you feel you can give some constructive feedback to the developers, you can do so by visiting the game’s Nasuprot kanalu. There’s no release date set for Tamnice Tal'Dorije but it’ll likely release once the feedback from the demo helps give them a solid direction on where to take the game.