True Fear: Forsaken Souls, Thriller s točkicama i klikovima dostupni na PS4 za $ 9.99

Pravi strah od napuštene duše

Digital Lounge je to objavio Istina Strah: Forsaken Souls trenutačno je dostupan za PlayStation 4 putem PlayStation Store-a. Igru od 1.02 GB možete preuzeti za 9.99 USD, ali tijekom mjeseca pokretanja igra se snižava 15% i dodatnih 5% popusta za članove PlayStation Plus-a.

The game is a traditional point-and-click puzzle thriller, themed after hidden object games for mobile devices. They don’t actually mention anything about the game’s story or characters in the press release nor on the PlayStation store page. It’s just… zip, nil, nothing.

What they do say is that you can choose the adventure and play your own way, by uncovering the clues and mysteries centered around the thriller. I don’t even really know what the actual “thrill” is or why the woman in the launch trailer below is all afraid and antsy and stuff. Maybe she found out one of her neighbors was a game journalists and instantly put on the chastity belt to prevent herself from becoming “respected”. Worse yet, what if she found out that her new neighbor is a NeoGaf mod? She’ll have to guard her poor daughter day and night until she hits puberty. Then again, I have no idea.

Anyway, you can check out the launch trailer below.

The actual gameplay centers around using the face buttons and analog sticks in combination to collect items, examine objects, and complete a variety of different logic, memory, and placement puzzles. The PS4 version of the game comes with the Collector’s Edition content, which includes an additional level, wallpaper, and some making-of content.

This is definitely a game that fits squarely into a specific niche for a specific kind of gamer.

If you’re interested in the first part of the trilogy of Istina Strah: Forsaken Souls, Možete provjeriti PlayStation Store page to barely learn more about the game.