Will Bethesda otkriva Starfield ili Giant Monster News Oko E3 2018?

S E3 2018-om za obilje programera i izdavača, koji uključuje svjetski poznatog izdavača i eveloper Bethesda, možemo li vidjeti tvrtku predstaviti svoje zaštitne projekte “Starfield"Ili"Giant Monster News”Oko E3 2018?

obavijest: The following information is just speculation and should not be taken as fact. Zenimax nor Bethesda have officially confirmed anything recently about “Starfield"Ili"Giant Monster News” appearing at E3 2018. In other words, take this information with a grain of salt.

Bethesda is set to show up to this year’s E3 and show off something, what the company is set to show off at this point is a mystery. It is certain that the company will make an appearance at E3 2018, Ipak.

Not too long before the news about Bethesda’s E3 2018 appearance surfaced, Pete Hines, Vice President of Bethesda Softworks, briefly made corrections about two projects on Twitter.

Hines’ comments/corrections sparked the attention of fans to gab and discuss what might come, which led to conversations about trademarks pertaining to "Starfield" i "Giant Monster News".

Potonji je naziv primio ažuriranje novijeg statusa Siječanj 16th, 2018. Additionally, status on the “Giant Monster News” trademark changed and has received a second extension grant.

There’s no telling if one of the two mystery titles will show up at E3 2018 or stay in trademarkville, but given that Bethesda will make an appearance at this year’s E3 might mean something.

Gledanje u drugu tvrtku pod Zenimaxom je onaj BattleCry Studios. Tvrtka je priopćila pored zapošljavanje više ljudi na svom glavna web stranica da…

“We are currently working on our next unannounced project. Stay tuned for news about new exciting games coming from BattleCry Studios and Zenimax Media!”

If you don’t know, BattleCry Studios helped id Software make Doom 2016’s first, second and third DLCs, which Bethesda publishing branch (Bethesda Softworks) helped publish. It’s unclear if BattleCry Studios will make its own game or if the studio will help Bethesda with “Starfield" i "Giant Monster News"?

Remember, all of this is just speculation and could be a red herring. For all we know the two named titles could be a distraction from something else that’s in the works.

Uz to, što misliš, kako će Bethesda pokazati na E3 2018-u?