Slender Man Movie Trailer je besmislen nered

Film vitkog čovjeka

Sony Pictures objavio je prvu prikolicu za Vitak muškarac horor, zasnovan na popularnoj urbanoj legendi. Lik je stekao tone popularnosti tijekom posljednjih pola desetljeća zahvaljujući studiju Parsec vitak video igre.

The new trailer is two and a half minutes long, giving movie goers, fans of creepy pasta, and those who have followed the Slender mythos something to sink their teeth into ahead of the movie’s theatrical release. You can check out the trailer below.

The entire first minute is mostly just atmospheric dread. We don’t know much other than that a man is looking for his daughter who went missing in the forest. We see police conducting a search for her while kids hang around a cemetery.

Nakon mnogo groznih snimaka pod čudnim kutovima, konačno smo shvatili kako vitki čovjek provocira i maltretira svoje žrtve, s djevojkom koja objašnjava da ti on uđe u glavu. Istodobno vidimo da se sjena kreće po stranama stubišta poput dima koji se diže iz hrpe.

Neka djevojka u krevetu počinje vrištati dok neka djeca pretražuju šumu, a neka djevojka piše slova na ogledalu.

The trailer is practically nonsensical in the most basic ways imaginable. You have no idea what’s really going on, and the gist is that some girls go missing in the forest and it’s possibly Slender Man’s fault. He can also get into your thoughts but they don’t say or why.

Also, if the police’s main suspect for the missing girls isn’t a male feminist who works at a “woke” media outlet then it’s not going to be very realistic at all.

Anyway, the trailer’s comment section is pretty fun. You have a bunch of people claiming that it looks nothing like the game, a bunch of people claiming it looks nothing like the creepy pasta, a bunch of people complaining that it doesn’t make much sense, and a bunch of people saying that it’s a dead meme that’s six years too late.

Movies based on horror memes seems kind of silly, but it might do well since normies are easily scared. The movie is apparently coming soon to theaters, but I’m pretty sure most gamers would be more interested in the Pet Noći u Freddyju zvrčka.